We have been in our new apartment long enough to make it, um, homey, which in our family means cluttered.  When we first moved in, the upstairs (our main living area) was furnished in the minimalist style, and we loved how light and airy it felt.  However, now, almost 8 months later, we are back to having piles and stacks every where, and it no longer feels like it used to.  It feels a bit claustrophobic, and I don’t like it.

Our finished basement area never really got settled.  Yes, my husband and I have our office space down there as well as an extra bed that we sleep on when my mom is visiting and is in our room, but there are still many piles.  Piles of things to sell, things to make their way to our garage sale pile, things that never got unpacked.  Yuck.

So, I am starting a 60 day declutter and earn money challenge for myself.

My husband has a conference in San Francisco in the late fall, and we plan to travel together, the first time we have travelled alone in 8 years, since our son was born.  Of course, his trip will be paid for, but not until after the fact.

We will need to pay for my plane ticket and my food.  Then, we will need about $1,500 upfront to pay for the hotel room and his ticket as well as his conference costs, which will be reimbursed later.  I am guessing we will need about $1,800 to $2,000 upfront, of which about $1,500 will be reimbursed a few months later.

That means most of our snowflaking efforts will need to stop while we build up cash for this.  I want to hurry the process by selling some of our extra clutter such as our kids’ outgrown clothes and other household items we are not using.  My goal is to earn $500 to $750 in the next 60 days.

I’ll post every two weeks or so to show before and after photos and to let you know how much money we have made.

What is the most money you have ever made selling your household clutter on Craigslist?  What are your tips for successful selling?

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