6 Reasons Why We Homeschool Year RoundFlexibility is one of the things I love about homeschooling.  You can have flexibility in your day as well as in your academic year.

I’ve met homeschoolers who school in the afternoons and evenings, those who school in the mornings, those who follow the traditional academic schedule, those who use the six weeks on, one week off pattern, and those who school year round.

We decided to school year round right from the beginning.  In fact, when we made the decision to homeschool, we started in the summer just to try it out!

Why We Homeschool Year Round

The weather.  We live in Arizona, and summer here means 100 to 115 degree temperatures and wilting sun.  Who wants to go outside in that?  Most people only emerge from their houses in the very early morning or after the sun goes down.  Why have the entire summer off just to be stuck indoors in the air conditioning?  If we’re going to be stuck indoors, we decided to be productive and do school.  In fact, we get our best school work done in the summer because that’s the only thing we’re focused on.

Fewer activities.  The fall, winter and spring are jam packed with activities from co-ops to 4-H to choir to speech for the girls.  In the summer?  Really the only thing we do with our homeschool group is going to the movies once a week.  By schooling in the summer, we can have a lighter academic load when we’re busy with so many outside activities the rest of the year.

Ability to take a vacation whenever.  We love to travel with my husband when he has a conference to go to.  Just last week we returned from a 15 day vacation to Ohio (where he had a conference) and Michigan to visit family.  Because we don’t take the summer off, we can take vacations throughout the year, whenever the opportunity arises.  We can also take a day off here and there if we need a break or have a very busy day.

More information is retained.  Because we never take a long summer break, I don’t have to review information with the kids because there isn’t that summer slide.  My kids don’t have weeks and weeks to forget information.

Work better on a schedule.  We all work better on a schedule and a routine.  If my kids are given a week off at home, they inevitably spend most of the time picking at and fighting with one another.  They do much better (as do I) with structure and routine.

Love of learning.  I’ve been incredibly blessed that all three of my kids love learning.  They really enjoy schooling.  In fact, we did very little school when we were on vacation.  When we got back, the first day we resumed school, Bookworm said, “I really missed doing school.”

However, having said all of this, just because homeschooling year round fits our lives and our schedules, you’ll need to find what works best for you and your family.  That is the beauty of homeschooling.

Do you prefer to school year round, or do you have a different schedule that works better for you?

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