???????????????????????????????I can’t believe Bookworm is in 5th grade!  It seems like he was just 3 years old and I was sending him off to preschool!  I’ll blink, and he’ll have graduated.

But meanwhile, there’s a lot of educating to do and time to spend together.

Bookworm has a full load this year, and I think it will be busy!  We’re experimenting this year and using a mix of Kolbe Academy’s materials as well as Sonlight’s.  Here’s the plan:

From Sonlight

Sonlight’s Core E Literature and History.  We used Sonlight’s Core D for literature and history last year and loved it!  (We actually have about 7 more weeks of that core to finish up at the beginning of this year before we start Core E.  Since Bookworm loves this program, we use this year round, so I’m not worried about falling behind.)

Core E covers American history from the Civil War to the present.  Bookworm reads some books independently every day, and we always read one together during the day.  Even though it can be hard to carve out the time to read to him, we both enjoy that time during the day.

Sonlight’s Science D.  Last year, Bookworm’s science program was so dry, we both felt tortured (though I tried to hide that I felt this way).  So, this year we decided to switch to Sonlight’s science and see how it goes.  Because we already covered the material in the Science E curriculum, we went with Science D.  He’ll be studying biology, taxonomy, and human anatomy.

From Kolbe Academy

Kolbe Academy is an online Catholic homeschooling program.  While I only follow about 50% of their course material, the items we’re using this year are for subjects we really enjoyed last year, and I thought Bookworm learned quite a bit from.

Evan-Moore Daily Geography Practice, Level 5.  This is a twice-a-week geography program that Bookworm really enjoyed last year.  In addition, Bookworm will be participating in a Geography Bee later this year, so every morning he does a Geography Quiz from National Geographic.

Pearson’s Phonics Level E.  This is a workbook format and is probably one of Bookworm’s least favorite subjects.

Voyages in English 5.  This text was created in the 1960s and is a bit outdated with some of the topics and pictures.  However, I think it gives Bookworm a strong background in English grammar and is yet gentle enough.

Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop, Level A.  Since Bookworm is such a voracious reader, he’s a grade ahead in vocabulary.  This is the 6th grade vocabulary book.

Additional Materials and Subjects

MUS Beta and Gamma.  As I mentioned before, last year we scrapped our math program at the end of the year and went way back so Bookworm could master his math facts.  He’s still working on that, and I’m working on building his math knowledge.

When we ended our school year in early June, Bookworm was about 2/3rds of the way through Math U See’s Beta book.  We’ll finish that up and then move on to Gamma.  (Math is another subject that we study year round, especially until he gets caught up.)

Uber Smart Math Facts.  This is a program that we reviewed for the TOS crew, and it really helped Bookworm master his math facts.  He’ll continue to use this for 10 minutes every day.

Xtra Math.  This is also a drill format program to master math facts.  Bookworm uses Uber Smart Math Facts for 10 minutes a day and Xtra Math for about 5 minutes a day.

Spelling You See.  Bookworm started Spelling You See thanks to a TOS Crew Review and loved it, so we’ll finish the book we got for the review (E–American Spirit), and then hopefully the next level will be available by the time he finishes this one.

Artistic Pursuits: The Elements of Art and Composition.  This is a homeschool art program for those in 4th and 5th grade.  Bookworm will do this two times a week.

Visual Latin.  I wanted Bookworm to study Latin because I think it’s a great way to increase his English vocabulary, and I think it will help him when he studies Romance languages.  We were both worried about a dry program, but Visual Latin is educational and engaging.  We both enjoy the program.

Other Activities

As I mentioned, our local homeschooling group is offering a Geography Bee.  The winner goes on to take a test and try for the state level competition.  Bookworm loves geography, so he’ll be studying for and participating in this.

He’s also joined a Story of the World, Volume II group that will meet once a month to discuss the chapters read and do some fun activities.

Two to three times a week he’ll also do HomeschoolPiano.

Finally, he’ll attend a P.E. class once a week.

If this looks like a lot, it is.  Most of his curriculum is 5 days a week for 36 weeks.  We’ve decided to spread this out by doing 4 days of school work over a 5 day week.  That means he’ll be in school for 45 weeks instead of 36 weeks, but he’ll have less to do every day than if we tried to complete this all in 36 weeks.

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