Jasmere has once again paired with The Orange Shop to offer customers 3 half-bushel (approximately 20 lb.) deliveries of citrus, one in November, one in January and one in March.  Jasmere offered a deal for one half bushel last year, and my husband and I bought it and loved the fruit.  You have the option to choose between all oranges, all grapefruit or a 50/50 mix. 

While some citrus in the grocery stores taste less than fresh in the winter, we loved the oranges and grapefruits we received from The Orange Shop.  They tasted fresh, juicy and sweet.  Plus, we had so many oranges and grapefruit, we only had to buy a few pieces of other fruit at the grocery store to round out our selection.  And of course, having food delivered to my house takes me one step closer to my dream of not grocery shopping weekly.  🙂

Currently this deal is $55 for all three half-bushels, plus $34.50 for shipping all three packages.  That equates to $1.49 per pound total, averaging purchase price and shipping.  Plus, as more people buy the deal, Jasmere’s price continues to go lower.  (The price for this at retail is $126 plus $38.85 shipping.)

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