It is a new year that I hope will bring exciting changes to our family.

I am hoping this is the year that, after 10 long years (including a year off after the birth of our son) my husband FINALLY graduates with his Ph.D.  He enrolled in a dual Masters/Ph.D. program in 2001, and has been ABD (all but dissertation) since 2007.   It has been a very LONG haul, and we will be both so happy when he can finally move into his career.

I am also planning on quitting my job when my leave of absence is over.  While I am excited to become a permanent stay at home mom (at least while my kids are little), I would be lying if I didn’t admit that it is scary to think about giving up the job I have held for 10 years and the security that goes with it.  I hope to use the 5 months before I must resign from my job to continue to learn how to be more frugal and to build up a side business that will help support our family and replace a bit of my income.  If I could bring in enough every month to cover my son’s tuition and my daughter’s preschool (she will start attending sometime within the next year), I will be very happy.

Financial Goals:

Husband starts a teaching and/or research job by September.  (I don’t have much control over this one, but I plan to help support him so he can do what he needs to do to finish his Ph.D. and find a job.)

I will bring in at least $6,000 to the family budget.  I plan to do this through writing jobs, advertising across my three blogs and perhaps writing an e-book.

Sell $1,500 worth of “stuff” around the house.   We plan to do this by continually decluttering.  We will have a garage sale this spring, and I will be selling baby items and outgrown kids’ clothes on eBay and Craig’s List.

Keep our emergency fund above $12,000.  (I will be posting our plan for this on Friday as part of The Saved Quarter Challenge.)

Spend no more than an average of $50 a week on groceries.  I am easing myself into this with the 6 week pantry challenge.  I took stock of all of our pantry items and realized we have A LOT more than I thought we did.  I plan to use the surplus to help me stick to a $50 weekly budget.

Spend no more than $25 a week going out to eat.  This fall we started going out to eat too frequently.  We are committing ourselves to only going out once a week and to spending no more than $25 a week on average.

Spend less than $400 on all gifts this year.  This amount will include my three kids’ birthdays, my mom’s birthday, Mother’s Day (for my mom), Father’s Day, and Christmas.

Close my eBay business.  Now that we have three kids, we no longer have room for mountains of tubs of clothes to sell on eBay.  I am finding it difficult to split my time between my eBay store and my blogs.  I enjoy writing and would like to continue with the blogs.  It seems logical, then, to close the eBay store.  This won’t be a quick process though; I have 2,000 eBay items to sell (down from a high of 3,000 before my daughter was born in April) and debt I have to pay off from my poor business planning.


Lose at least 50 pounds.

Do at least 2 crafts with my son a month.  He is getting to a fun age where he likes creating things.  I’ll be scouring the Internet for seasonal activities to do with him (and I may share some here too).

Declutter 1700 items from our home.  I have already decluttered more than 700, so I am aiming for 1,000 more.

Read the 23 books on my Booking It list and blog about them.

I’ll be updating my goals throughout the year to let you know how I am doing.

Have you set goals for yourself this year?  If so, please feel free to link up so we can support one another!

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