My 12 Goals for 2016

2016 was a year that threw us for a serious loop.  What started out as a fairly good year soon turned into a difficult year.

We had a number of expenses such as replacing our central air conditioning unit and finally buying a new-to-us second car for my husband after 16 years of being a one-car family.

In addition, one of our children ended up having issues (not life-threatening).  We are now pursuing treatment for said child, which has cost us a lot out of pocket since our insurance only covers about 1/3 to 1/2 of the treatment.  However, we’re hopeful that with continued treatment, things will get better for our child.  Meanwhile, next year may still be pricey as we continue to pay for treatments.

So, this year was a lopsided year; I met some goals and others went completely by the wayside.

Here’s a summary of which goals I met and which I didn’t in 2016:

Exercise 4,160 minutes in 2016.
11.6% Complete.

No progress in November and December.  I decided to give myself grace because in the fall, I was on a protocol to remove mold from my body from a long-standing previous exposure in our old apartment as well as a antibiotic resistant staph infection in my nose.  These treatments were tiring, so I gave myself grace to just make it through the treatment.  Hopefully resolving these issues will resolve some of my long-standing health issues.

In August, I exercised 160 minutes this month.

In July, I exercised 20 minutes

In June, I exercised 0 minutes.

In May, I exercised for 129 minutes.

In April, I exercised for 41 minutes.

In March, I didn’t exercise at all.

In February, I only exercised for 30 minutes!!!

I exercised 103 minutes in January.

Write in my journal 100 times this year.  8% Complete.  I did not write in my journal in November or December.  I think I felt that if I wrote about what was happening with our child, it would be too real.

Stay within our budget all 12 months of the year.  41.6% Complete.  No progress here.  We continue to have some personal issues that required attention and are expensive.

Read 52 books this year, and blog about each of them.  92.3% Complete.  I was able to read 6 books in November and December, bringing my annual total to 48 books:

I was able to read and blog about 5 in October:

I was able to read and blog about 5 books in September:

I was able to read and blog about 5 books in August:

I was able to read and blog about 5 books in July:

I was able to read and blog about 4 books in June:

I was able to read and blog about 3 books in May:

I was able to read and blog about 3 books in April:

I was able to read and blog about 4 books in March:

I was able to read and blog about 4 books in February:

I was able to read and blog about 4 books in January:

I also joined Goodreads.  If you’re on there, I’d love to become friends.

Make 12 homemade gifts for Christmas.  8.3% Complete.  I ended up making one homemade gift in October, and that was it.  The issues with our child took a lot of time between behavior management at home and various appointments, so after October, I gave up on this goal.  I didn’t end up giving the one present I made.  I’ll save it for next year, and I’ll have this goal again next year.

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Get organized!  60% Completed.

Wow.  Was this the vaguest goal ever?  I tried, but because I didn’t have a specific action plan, I sort of floundered with this goal and wasn’t as successful as I would like.

In July, I mapped out the kids’ school schedule for the next 9 weeks including all assignments I want them to complete.  I also created a Mom’s Organizational Binder that contains the assignments, attendance sheets, and chores.

In June I sold 18 items on eBay and Facebook.  I have also sorted out more items that I want to sell.

Not much happened in May, though I did sell some school books to reduce our homeschool clutter.

This month I worked on our budgeting system.  Yay!  Look for a post on that later this week.

In March, we decluttered more kids’ clothes.  I took three more bags to the resale shop, so now I have $52 in credit, which I’ll use for birthday and Christmas presents.

In February, we decluttered our bedroom and the kids’ closets.  I took five bags of items to the kids’ resale shop, and I packed up a box for a garage sale later in the year.  We also threw away alot.

In January, we worked on organizing the kids’ schedule for chores and school.  It’s worked wonderfully, which is great because right now we’re too busy to be unorganized!

Enter 200 giveaways.  37% Complete.  I know I entered at least 74 giveaways, but some how my record from November got erased.  So, I probably entered more than this, but the 74 are all I can be positive I entered.

I won a child’s book and a Ting smartphone, which my husband and I love!

Get into a regular prayer routine.  60% Complete.  I made progress with this, but toward the end of the year I wasn’t so successful.  This will also be a goal I try to conquer in 2017.

Control my sugar consumption.  100% Complete.  I gave up all sugar on June 9, 2016 and have not had any since then.  

Go Paleo again.  100% Complete.  I am following a Paleo diet completely and have been doing so since early June.

Visit Michigan.  COMPLETED!!  We went to Ohio and Michigan in March and had a great time, even if we had to drive in some wonky weather.

Save 10 to 15% of my husband’s income.  Will not happen this year.  On the 4th of July, our air conditioner died–permanently.  We had to buy a new one, which was not cheap.  Also, my husband would like to buy a car this year.  (He’s not had one for 14 of our 15 years of marriage, so he’s long overdue.  Now that he’s getting busier at work, he does need one.)

Do you set goals for the new year?  If so, what goals are you setting?


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