10 Signs You Live in Arizona in the SummerHere we are, “enjoying” our second summer in Arizona.  Arizona was absolutely beautiful from November through May, but for someone like me who doesn’t like extreme heat, well, June through October leave a lot to be desired! If you live in a hot climate, you can probably relate. Here are 10 signs that you might live in Arizona in the summer.

10 Signs That You Might Live in Arizona in the Summer

You Worry about the Reptiles

c87531158f71436ca9b241b74350aef8When you accidentally leave the garage door open all night (oops!), you’re not as worried about items having been stolen as critters like rattle snakes and gila monsters having got in.

You Carry a Cooler Everywhere

You carry a cooler with you at all times to keep your water cold.  When you grocery shop, you only buy as many refrigerated and frozen items as fit in your cooler, and you come straight home.

Shady Parking Spots Are in High Demand

You circle the parking lot, not for the nearest spot, but for one of the few spots that offers shade from trees.>

You Become an Early Riser

You only leave your house to enjoy the great outdoors between 5 and 8 a.m. or after dusk.

You Forget What Cold Water Feels Like

No matter how low you set your hot water thermostat, your water never gets colder than  lukewarm.

All Your Plants Will Die in the Heat

Rather than embracing the sun, you seek to shade your plants from it.

Rain, What Rain?

You understand that 40% chance of rain means that some  place, some where in your area will be getting rain.  Whether or not you will remains to be seen.

Where Are the Neighbors?

You realize your neighborhood will look like a ghost town from late May to late October.  No one goes out after 8 a.m.!

Is the Wash a River Yet?

Whenever there is a rain, you must look at the local “river” as you drive by to see if it has water.  If it does, you’re insanely happy that it is no longer just a dry gully, but an actual river, at least for the next 24 hours.

Fall for You Doesn’t Start Until November

You look with envy at all your friends’ Facebook posts as they start to write about fall temperatures, sweaters, and falling leaves.  “Fall” will come for you in November.  By September, there’s still a lot of summer left!

If you live in a hot weather climate, can you relate?


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