When we think of eating breakfast, often we conjure up images of French toast, scrambled eggs, bacon and a whole variety of other comfort foods.  Not only can this get expensive eating this way every day, but it can also cause all kinds of health problems over the long term.  Health problems mean doctor visits and doctor visits mean expenses.  And we all hate unnecessary expenses.  Plus, you definitely don’t want to start your day by being full of carbs and fat as it will only serve to slow you down both physically and mentally.

Mom and Dad were right about breakfast being the most important meal of the day.  Start off on a bad foot at breakfast and the rest of your day could be doomed.  When it comes to eating breakfast, everyone should partake of a morning meal as it gets your metabolism revved up for the rest of the day.  However, it needs to be something light and balanced so that you can get the proper nutrients to kick-start your metabolism.

Here are 10 inexpensive, yet healthy, breakfast ideas that will keep you going all day and keep your wallet plump:


1.  Greek yogurt: You can purchase Greek yogurt in your regular grocery store for very little money.  Most of the Greek yogurt options have some kind of fruit mixed in but I choose to buy the kind without the fruit at the bottom.  This way, you avoid the excess sugar.  You can usually purchase Greek yogurt for less than one dollar a piece.


2.  Eggs: There is no question that eggs are one of the easiest and cheapest options for breakfast. You can scramble them or fry them up using fat free cooking spray.  The “eggs increase cholesterol” mantra is old science; eat all the eggs you want!  I usually eat four in the morning.

3.  Smoothie: Breakfast smoothies are one of the easiest things that you can prepare in the morning.  Simply have some frozen fruit on hand, and maybe some protein powder, to whip up a healthy smoothie in the morning.

4.  Fruit and cheese: One of the easiest meals to have in the morning is a piece of string cheese along with a piece of low sugar fruit, such as an apple.  This is sure to kick start your system in the morning!

5.  Protein bar: You can also purchase an expensive protein bar that you can eat on the go while driving into work.  My favorites are Tiger’s Milk and Cliff Bars!

6.  Whole-grain cereal: There are many different varieties of whole-grain cereal available today. Put a little bit of fruit on top, and you have a filling and healthy morning meal.  You may also want to include soy milk or rice milk in place of regular milk.  Look for high protein cereal as this is an added benefit that will keep you strong and burn off fat.


7.  A wrap: You can make your own morning wrap using things like Canadian bacon, turkey bacon, scrambled eggs and low-fat cheese.  Use a whole-grain wrap for extra vitamins, minerals and fiber.

8.  Yogurt, berries and granola: You can purchase low-fat or Greek yogurt and add some fresh berries and low sugar granola.  If you’re really craving something sweet, simply add all natural Stevia on top.

9.  Grapefruit: Many people enjoy having a grapefruit in the morning with a side of whole wheat toast.  Add some almond butter to your toast to get a little bit of extra protein kick.

10.  Cottage cheese with fruit: This has long been a favorite for people who want to stay in shape. Try any kind of fruit including berries, apples and other citrus fruits.  This combo will start your day off right.

See, eating a healthy breakfast isn’t that hard to do.  I told you!  Ever since I’ve put a focus on breakfast, I eat healthier and enjoy my time in the morning.  The ideas I’ve shared with you not only are healthy and easy on the wallet but are easy to prepare too!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this list, now go and make an epic breakfast tomorrow morning!

To the READERS:  Do you have a favorite breakfast you’d like to share with us that wasn’t covered in this list? 

Jon the Saver is a blogger with a passion for personal finance.  Not only does he like to eat well but also likes to keep his wallet full.   You can check out his site over at Free Money Wisdom where Jon writes on a wide range of topics, from getting through college debt free to retiring a millionaire.  Don’t be shy; connect with him on Facebook and Twitter

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