In these uncertain times, it’s nice to have many of the groceries that you need at home so you don’t have to go to the store frequently.  For a few years, we didn’t regularly buy our 1/4 side of beef, but we began the practice again this past March.  This October, we not only bought 1/4 side, but we also bought 1/8 of ground beef.  We won’t be needing any meat for at least the next six months!  Here’s what you get when you order 1/4 side of beef.

Where to Buy Bulk Grass-Feed Beef

We buy from a local healthy buying club.  The farmer is local to our area of Arizona, and the cows are 100% grass fed.  We’ve had this meat before, and it’s delicious.

If you want to find a farmer in your area, try Local Harvest and search in your area.  Your local health food store may also know where to buy meat direct from the farmer.

What You Get When You Order 1/4 Side of Grass-Fed Beef

1/4 Side of Beef
This is all of our 1/4 side of ground beef excluding the organs.

I think our cow was a bit smaller (and cheaper) this year than previous years.

Organ Meat

1 whole tongue
1 oxtail,
3 liver,
1 – 1/2 heart,
1 kidney


27 packages burger,

All Other Cuts of Meat

3 chuck roasts,
1 eye of round roast,
1 round bone roast,
1 big & 4 little packages of soup bones,
3 London broil,
1 brisket,
3 rib eye steaks,
2 T-bone steaks,
2 sirloin tip steaks,
2 top sirloin steaks,
1 Porterhouse steaks,
1 tenderloin steak,
1 tri-tip steak,
2 bottom round roasts
3 ribs,
3 packages of stew meat

Technically, we only paid for the burger, steaks, roasts, etc.  The organ meat was added on for free.  So, I thought I would compute our overall cost with both the organ meat and without.

Overall, we paid $523.81 for this order of beef.

Without the organ meat, we had 95 pounds of meat, or $5.51 per pound.

However, the organ meat was an additional 10.5 pounds of meat, bringing our total of meat to 105.5 pounds.  When I use that total, we paid $4.96 per pound for everything!

What You Get When You Order 1/8 Side of Ground Beef

Every year we use up all our ground beef in three to four months.  This year, I bought an additional 1/8 side of just ground beef so we won’t run out.  Here’s what we got with this:

What You Get When You Order 1/4 Side of Beef

41 packages of burger
Soup bones

The burger itself weighed 49.5 pounds, and the soup bones were an additional 7 pounds.

We paid $285 for the 1/8 side of burger.  So, just computing the meat, we paid $5.75 per pound.  When I add in the soup bones, we paid $5.04 per pound.

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What You Get When You Order 1/4 Side of Beef

Do you order meat directly from the farmer?  If so, how much do you pay per pound?

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