What Being on the Homeschool Review Crew Means to Me

I’ve had the pleasure of being on the Homeschool Review Crew for the past six years.  In fact, it was only our first semester of homeschooling that we weren’t on the Crew!  Though sometimes working on the Crew does mean a lot of work, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks!

Opportunity to Try Amazing Homeschool Products

As a member of the Crew, each year I get to review amazing homeschool products, many I never knew existed before I had the opportunity to review them.  Each year, we enjoy some of the products that we review so much that they become part of our regular curriculum.

This year, there are many products that we reviewed that became a regular part of our homeschool:

For PB & J Girl:

CTC Math

Dyslexia Gold

Memoria Press 5th Grade Literature Set

Matific  Galaxy

Jump In, 2nd Edition

For Both Girls:

We also got to review several products that were extras to our homeschool that we’ve loved:

Fun Family Chess

Brain Blox Family Fun Chess

Brain Blox Building Planks

Library and Educational Services, LLC

Stop Motion Animation Kit

That’s not to mention some of the items we’ve reviewed that I’ve tucked away to use for later such as Apologia Exploring Creation with General Science, 3rd Edition.

Plus, every Homeschool Crew Review member gets a free subscription to SchoolhouseTeachers.com!

Helping Readers with Curriculum Reviews

When I’m researching curriculum myself to see if it would be a good fit for our family, I always go to Cathy Duffy’s website first.  But after her professional opinion, I really just want to hear from homeschooling moms like myself.  That’s where other homeschool moms’ blogging reviews come in.

My hope is that by reviewing the Crew products, I can help other moms decide if a product is right for them just like other homeschooling bloggers help me.

The Camaraderie Can’t Be Beat

Another benefit of being on the Crew is the camaraderie.  The Crew has its own forum, and there, the Crew bloggers discuss everything from homeschooling, curriculum, blogging, social media, and many other things.  If you have a question, chances are one of the more than 160 ladies on the Crew will be able to help you out.

Apply Now!

If you blog and homeschool, you, too, could have the chance to review for the Crew.  The Crew is currently taking applications.

You can go here to learn more about what is required to be a Crew member.

Then you can fill out the application to join the Crew.  Tell them I sent you.

To read more reviewers’ experiences on the Crew, click on the link below:

If you have any questions about joining the Crew, please leave a comment below!

The Shepherd’s Stone & The Lion’s Roar (Homeschool Crew Review)

As regular readers know, a large, important part of our homeschool is reading aloud fabulous books.  We’re on track to have read aloud nearly 100 books by the end of this year.  (Audio books are a large part of our homeschooling when we’re driving in the car, which we do. . .ALOT!)  Recently, we added two more fun, educational books to our completed read alouds: The Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Shepherd’s Stone (Book 5)Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Lion’s Roar (Book 6).  These books are published by WorthyKids Books.

About the Hidden Scrolls Series

Mary and Peter, 10 and 9 year old siblings, along with their dog, Hank, are spending a month with their great Uncle Solomon while their parents are out of town.  Great Uncle Solomon was an archaeologist, and his house is full of treasures, including the scrolls, which hold secrets and let the chosen travel through time.  A few days into their visit, Mary and Peter take their first journey back in time.

This series includes six books, all of which we’ve had the pleasure of reviewing:

The Beginning (Book One) and Race to the Ark (Book Two)

The Great Escape (Book Three)

Journey to Jericho (Book Four)

Book Seven will be released shortly.

About The Shepherd’s Stone

In The Shepherd’s Stone, Peter and Mary travel to Bethlehem.  They meet a shepherd named David, get to visit his family, and then go with him to deliver food to his brothers on the battlefield.  Of course, once David’s there, he hears Goliath’s challenge and agrees to fight against him.  Meanwhile, Peter and Mary are on a tight schedule of only four days to solve the secret of the scroll or they’ll have to stay in Bethlehem forever!

About The Lion’s Roar

In The Lion’s Roar, Peter and Mary travel to Babylon and are intimidated by the High Priest almost from the time they arrive.  The High Priest is determined to find them doing something wrong so he can throw them in prison, but his attention is diverted from that goal by his desire to punish Daniel.  He does capture Daniel and throws him in the lions’ den, but miraculously (as we all know), he survives, unscathed.  Then Peter and Mary are thrown into the lions’ den.  Can they, too, survive?

How We Used These Books

We read aloud both books, and even though my girls are slightly out of the age range of 6 to 9, they both still enjoyed the stories.  I continue to appreciate that these stories have many pictures and teach Bible stories in a way that really brings them to life for children.

The Shepherd's Stone & The Lion's Roar

I can’t wait to see where Peter and Mary will go next!

Keep up with WorthyKids Books via social media:


The Giveaway

Interested in trying these books yourself?  To celebrate the release of the 7th book in the series, three lucky winners will receive all 7 books in the series.  Simply click on the graphic below:

I was one of 50 people to review these books.  To read more reviews, click on the link below:

Secret of the Hidden Scrolls: The Shepherd's Stone (Book 5) & The Lion's Roar (Book 6) {WorthyKids Books Reviews}

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