Books I Read Aloud to the Kids, January, 2019

Another month, more great stories!  Now that we get ABA in house two days a week, we're not driving quite so much, so our book consumption has decreased a bit, but we're still reading plenty. Books We Read Per our usual, we had four books we were … [Continue reading]

Hidden Among the Stars by Melanie Dobson: A Book Review

This year, I've started reading World War II fiction in addition to the non-fiction I usually read. My first foray into this fiction was Hidden Among the Stars by Melanie Dobson. The story switches between 1939 and throughout the war to … [Continue reading]

My Goals for 2019: Week 5 of 52

I am smashing out my goal to earn 10% more this year.  In fact, if my workload continues as it is now, I will earn well over 10% more this year.  Woot woot! However, that means that to find the time, a lot of my other goals are falling by the … [Continue reading]

Freezer Cooking, February 2019, Session One Recap

Last Friday, I had a small freezer cooking session, and shared the process on Instagram. I like doing these small sessions on Friday mornings.  I just spent two hours, including clean up, making meals, so it was totally doable.  Plus, two of the … [Continue reading]

I’ve Joined WW (Weight Watchers) – Chasing 141

I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life.  When my health started suffering and everything I ate seemed to cause a physical reaction, I gave up dairy, and then gluten, and then soy.  Finally, I turned to Paleo AIP.  That seemed to help my health … [Continue reading]

Smart Mom Smart Mornings by Rachel Newcomb: A Book Review

As you know, this year is the year of getting my life back on track after a serious derailment the last two years.  I’ve been working hard on making my mornings and evenings more productive, and have been fairly successful. However, I recently … [Continue reading]

Freezer Cooking, February 2019, Plan for Session One

I'm planning another mini-freezer cooking session!  Many of you said that you prefer the way I used to share freezer cooking days, by posting a plan here, showing the process on social media, and then sharing a recap here. So, here's my plan, and … [Continue reading]

My Goals for 2019: Week 4 of 52

My work is ramping up, which is excellent, but I'm still working on time management.  This week is a bit hairy as I finish my end of the month responsibilities, but starting in February, I plan to have a better plan so I can do more work AND complete … [Continue reading]

Freezer Cooking January 2019 Part Two

Pulling meals from the freezer is working simply mah-vah-lus, darling, so I made a few more freezer meals.  I didn't have a lot of time this freezer cooking session, so I only made a few meals.  I'm still stocked up on lunch meals, but I added one … [Continue reading]

How We’re Using This Year

As I've mentioned, I currently have my kids in online, public school.  For one child, this is a fantastic option, and I hope that child continues on with this type of schooling next year.  For another child it's an okay option for now, and I plan for … [Continue reading]