My 12 Goals for 2016: October Update

My main goals for 2016 are to work on finances and myself. I have been working on myself, but not in the way I envisioned at the beginning of 2016 when I set these goals. Here's how I did in October: Exercise 4,160 minutes in 2016. 11.6% … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for November 12, 2016

You know those times in life when LIFE happens and you can't do much more but go along with the current and hope for a smooth ride?  You know, when you're in survival mode?  That's how we've been for the last few weeks, so menu planning fell by the … [Continue reading]

Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster by Sunny Lee: A Book Review

I have read a lot of finance books, both for adults and kids. This post contains affiliate links which help support Mom's Plans. Hands down, Is Your Child a Money Master or a Money Monster by financial advisor Sunny Lee is my favorite! Lee … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Crew Review: Fun-Time Phonics! Software


Cuddle Bug is in the process of learning to read, but a few of her speech issues make it difficult for her to say sounds the proper way.  Thinking a fun way to study phonics might help her, we tried Fun-Time Phonics!™ Software - 2-PCs Win Download by … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Review Crew: Christmas Comes to America


This year, our girls joined American Heritage Girls.  They are so excited and have already learned everything they have to in order to receive a joining badge.  After that, they can start earning badges, and let me tell you, they have big plans! … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Review Crew: Accountable2You Internet Accountability Software


We try to do what we can to protect our children from stumbling on inappropriate images on the Internet.  The kids' school computer is in our living room, and we invested in buying a monthly subscription to filtering software.  However, the filtering … [Continue reading]

Economics for Everybody: A Timberdoodle Product Review and Giveaway

Bookworm is well ahead of his age when it comes to his obsessive interest in politics and economics.  He has been wanting to study economics for quite some time, but most of the textbooks available are for high school or even college level students. … [Continue reading]

Moccasin Trail by Eloise Jarvis McGraw: A Book Review


The kids and I are working on the Native American badge for the American Heritage Girls. This post contains affiliate links, which help support Mom's Plans. To go along with that theme, I decided to pull out one of our Sonlight Core E read alouds, … [Continue reading]

Parenting by Paul David Tripp: A Book Review and Giveaway


Parenting can be challenging, can't it?  When you have that little baby in your arms, your heart soars with all of the dreams and hopes that you have for your child.  But as your child grows and you face parenting battles and struggles, it's easy to … [Continue reading]

Aquarelle Monet: A Timberdoodle Product Review


Last year, Bookworm took an art class at one of our co-ops that he really enjoyed.  This year, we dropped out of one co-op, and the other co-op didn't offer art this year, so he was without a formal art program.  We've adjusted and had him try a few … [Continue reading]