My Weekly Goals for May 4, 2016, and an Update on Last Week’s Goals

Two more weeks until all of our  obligations end.  Not that I'm counting down or anything.  :) This post contains affiliate links, which help support Mom's Plans. Here are my goals for this week and how I did with last week's goals: This Week's … [Continue reading]

The Pencil Grip, Inc.: A TOS Crew Review


My girls have always enjoyed art, but sometimes it's hard to find time to create art at home.  However, this past semester, they had an art class at each co-op they attended, so now they're fairly demanding about wanting to create artistically.  I … [Continue reading]

My 12 Goals for 2016: April Update

My main goals for 2016 are to work on finances and myself.  I've been too busy with kids' activities to work on myself much.  The last few months have been all about survival!  However, by mid-month, all of our commitments will end, and I'll be … [Continue reading]

Dragonwings by Laurence Yep: A Book Review

One thing I love about studying Bookshark's 5th grade history and literature curriculum, which studies the Eastern Hemisphere, is learning more about good books about Asians. This post contains affiliate links which help support Mom's Plans. I saw … [Continue reading]

My Weekly Goals for April 28, 2016, and an Update on Last Week’s Goals

This is our first week that is not crazy busy.  I thought we'd really enjoy our down time, but a few of my children are having a bit of trouble getting into a regular routine of homeschooling again and not being busy, busy, busy. I'm hoping things … [Continue reading]

GREEMU: A TOS Crew Review

I love my husband, but his feet?  Not so much.  For years my husband has had trouble with very dry, cracked heels.  We've tried having him go to the podiatrist, taking anti-fungals, etc., but his heels stayed rough and yucky.  Now that we're in … [Continue reading]

Christian Heroes: Corrie ten Boom – TOS Crew Review

We've had the pleasure of reviewing books from YWAM Publishing before, and Bookworm checks the books out of the library whenever he can find them.  When he can't find the title he wants, he asks the library to order them.  We love YWAM books!  This … [Continue reading]

Why I’m Going Paleo Again

Why I'm Going Paleo Again

I've been struggling with my weight and eating habits for about 18 months now.  I remember how it all started.  It was October, 2014, and my son and I were attending a Halloween dinner theater event.  There were little packages of candy corn on the … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for April 24, 2016

Beef Stew

PB & J Girl is having a lot of digestive issues, so she and I are going to go Paleo.  I don't intend to keep her Paleo long-term, just until we can get to the root of her issues.  So far, the doctors have been baffled but are assuming it's some … [Continue reading]

My Weekly Goals for April 21, 2016, and an Update on Last Week’s Goals

We celebrated Cuddle Bug's birthday this week.  I can't believe our "baby" is turning 6! I love how much more independent my kids are becoming, but I do sometimes miss those cute baby and toddler days. This post contains affiliate links, which … [Continue reading]