Menu Planning for July 2, 2017

Last week was a weird week because each of our kids developed a cold.  Each of them, on the first day, was completely out of commission--unable to eat, some vomiting, some running a fever.  Every two days, a new kid got the cold until we'd run … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Crew Review: Grade 1 Lightning Lit Set

I have heard many good things about Hewitt Homeschooling's Lightning Lit series, so when the chance came to review a set, I chose Grade 1 Lightning Lit Set.  I used this for PB & J Girl because she's about a year behind in reading and writing … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Crew Review – Earth Science: God’s World, Our Home

Science was never my best or favorite subject in school, so I need to pick Bookworm's science curriculum with care.  The science programs we use need to be open and go, and they need to be student friendly.  My husband is a scientist, so he's also … [Continue reading]

Menu Plan for June 25, 2017

This week, Vacation Bible School is over, and I'm set on the task of getting myself and the kids on a routine again.  We haven't been on our regular routine since my foot surgery in March, so I'm more than anxious for this to happen.  I'm also making … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Crew Review: UnLock Pre-Algebra

This is the start of our 5th year homeschooling.  For two years, we had a math program that worked great for Bookworm.  Last year, that program stopped working for us because the visual element was no longer working for him.  We searched, and … [Continue reading]

My Vicksburg by Ann Rinaldi: A Book Review

This year, the girls and I have read several books about The Underground Railroad, and now we're learning about the Civil War. This post contains affiliate links. My Vicksburg by Ann Rinaldi was the perfect complement to our studies, and I … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Crew Review: Internship for High School Credit

Bookworm is nearing high school, and one goal my husband and I have discussed is having him do an internship in his desired field before he graduates.  (Right now he wants to be a lawyer, but that may change.) When I was in high school, I got … [Continue reading]

Menu Plan for June 11, 2017

Last week we tried some recipes from The Gluten Free Homemaker, and they were a huge hit, especially with the kids, so we're trying some more of those recipes this week. Sunday Lunch--Hamburgers, sweet potato chips, cucumbers Dinner--Pork Roast, … [Continue reading]

Book Review: The Run Away by Claire Wong {Kregel Book Tour}

Most teenagers feel like running away at some point.  They think their parents are too restrictive or they're unhappy at home or school.  While most teens feel like this, very few actually run away. In Claire Wong's new book, The Run Away, … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Crew Review: K5 Learning

We homeschool year round, and one of the main reasons we do is so when unexpected things come up, we can take time off.  We schooled on a very part-time basis while I recovered from foot surgery.  I was on the look out for an online program that … [Continue reading]