Frugal Things We Did Last Week to Save Money


This week there were several frugal things we did: We kept food waste to a minimum.  The only thing that got tossed was a small bunch of broccolini which was already yellow when we got it from Bountiful Baskets. We spent the minimal amount we … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for October 5, 2014

Even though it doesn't feel like fall here in Arizona (we had a high of 97 yesterday), I am enjoying all of the fall fruits and vegetables. We've been lucky to happen upon bulk organic apples at .60 to .75 a pound.  We've made many batches of … [Continue reading]

TOS Crew Review: Preschoolers and Peace eBook

Are you a homeschooling mom who has children under five?  Are you a work at home mom who has young ones with you all day?  If so, then I highly recommend the e-book, Preschoolers and Peace: Homeschooling older kids with success while loving the … [Continue reading]

Our Homeschool Wrap Up for the Week of September 29, 2014


I always enjoy getting a peak into other people's homeschooling world, so I thought it might be fun to start sharing what is going on in our homeschooling week. Bookworm attended a Story of the World monthly meeting with our local homeschooling … [Continue reading]

Weekly Goals for October 1, 2014, and an Update on Last Week’s Goals

We've had another busy week this week, mainly because I'm trying to get the girls enrolled in speech lessons, and there are A LOT more hoops to jump through to do this in Arizona versus Illinois.  Cuddle Bug had to have a 90 minute evaluation on … [Continue reading]

Small Investments Can Make a Big Difference


What is the smartest investment you can make in your business? It doesn't have to be something huge, like renovating your store, buying new displays, or buying a huge amount of stock, instead it can be a smaller and more subtle change. Think about … [Continue reading]

TOS Crew Review: Fix It! Grammar: The Nose Tree


I'm an English major, but unlike many English majors, I'm not a grammar freak.  In fact, I have horrible memories of hours spent in English class diagramming sentences. Snooze.  It's enough to suck the life out of anyone, especially for those … [Continue reading]

Things to Sort Out Before Creating A Family


Although creating a family can be one of the most wonderful experiences to enjoy in life, this journey must first begin with a responsible attitude. Preparing for any eventualities ahead of time can help avoid potentially challenging financial … [Continue reading]

Frugal Things We Did Last Week to Save Money


Inspired by The Prudent Homemaker's weekly post of the way she saves money each week, I decided to follow suit and share the different ways our family saved money during the week.  Let me know if you like this kind of post and if you'd like to see it … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for September 27, 2014

No grocery shopping for us this week.  We'd like to order a 1/4 side of beef, but that will likely cost $500 to $600.  We're trying to eat from our meager pantry that we're still replenishing since the move so that we can save money for the … [Continue reading]