Meals & Snacks I Made Ahead: Meal Prep, September 29, 2019

Meal Prep & Menu Plan

Thanks to my big freezer cooking session a few weeks ago, I don't have to make as many meals on the weekend.  Instead, next month, the girls and I will be heading to Michigan for my mom's hip replacement surgery, so now I'm focused on preparing food … [Continue reading]

Blogging through the Alphabet: Beautiful Feet Books

This week, we continue Blogging through the Alphabet and sharing our favorite homeschool curriculum. This post contains affiliate links. As an English major and former community college English teacher, I love curriculum that is literature … [Continue reading]

Our 5th Grade Homeschool Curriculum: 2019-2020

Okay, seriously, how did my "baby" get to 5th grade?  PB & J Girl is just one year away from middle school, and that! We've put together our 5th grade homeschool curriculum: 2019-2020, and she officially started the school year in … [Continue reading]

Meals & Snacks I Made Ahead: Meal Prep, September 22, 2019

Dairy Free Gluten Free Meal Prep

A few weeks ago in my meal prep, I made Mexican Egg Skillet the way it was supposed to be, with zucchini and egg and all of the rest of the ingredients.  I don't know what it was about that combo, but it tasted really gross!  I couldn't eat all of … [Continue reading]

Blogging through the Alphabet: Adventure Academy

We've been homeschooling for five years now, and in that time, we've used and reviewed a number of homeschool books, curriculum, and products.  For this round of Blogging through the Alphabet, I'm going to share our favorite homeschool products … [Continue reading]

The Silent Patient by Alex Michaelides: A Book Review

Alicia Berenson has it all.  She is an attractive woman who has a successful art career.  Her husband, Gabriel, is an attractive fashion photographer.  But their life isn't as perfect as outside appearances would have people believe. One night, … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Crew Review: Online Times Alive To Learn Multiplication

When I learned multiplication, I sat down with flash cards.  Our teacher also had "fun" (read "not so fun") drills where we had to compete against our classmates, one by one.  I hated those drills!  Luckily, now there are more fun and easier ways to … [Continue reading]

How I Made 40+ Freezer Meals with MyFreezEasy! (Gluten Free & Dairy Free)

How I Made 40+ Meals with MyFreezEasy

I've been spending some time on Sundays batch cooking and making lunches and dinners for the early part of the week, but by Wednesday we run out of meals, and we still have several busy nights in front of us every.single.week, so I decided a massive … [Continue reading]

Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly: A Book Review

A few months ago, I requested about 15 books from the library.  Many of them were books that hadn't been released yet, so there was a long wait. This post contains affiliate links. When I got the notice Lost Roses by Martha Hall Kelly was in, I … [Continue reading]

Family Read Alouds for Ages 8 to 12–August, 2019

August just seemed to fly by!  We got in several good books and audios, but my favorite family read aloud was Puritan Girl, Mohawk Girl.  For those who don't know, every month we read aloud kids' chapter books for ages 8 to 12, and then I recap them … [Continue reading]