How I Feed My Family of 5 for $6,500 a Year–Week 17 (April 24 – April 30, 2015)

When my mom came, I stopped keeping an eye on our grocery bill, as you can clearly see.  The last few weeks we've spent a lot.   My plan for this 4 week cycle was to spend less to make up for our deficit from buying the beef, but, well, I'm not … [Continue reading]

Our Debt Repayment Progress & Savings Goals #38

Murphy has been an unwelcome guest for quite some time now, and last month was no different. The good news is that we've survived all of the unexpected expenses without going into debt, but our emergency fund is tapped out now, so I'm hoping for a … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for May 2, 2015

We're still trying to stock the freezer, so you'll see that for many recipes, I plan to make double and stash one in the freezer.  The Stuffed Peppers were on the menu last week and were a hit with everyone except Cuddle Bug, so they're back on the … [Continue reading]

TOS Crew Review: La La Logic Preschool Curriculum

Time and time again, in the many homeschool groups I'm in, I hear moms of young children (three to four years old) want to get started with a homeschool curriculum.  While I think that's too young to start a full-fledged curriculum, there are plenty … [Continue reading]

How I Feed My Family of 5 for $6,500 a Year–Week 16 (April 17 – April 23, 2015)


Whew!  I'm glad this 4 week cycle is over this week because I'm seriously over budget. The good news is that the freezer is stocked with meat and some freezer meals, so tightening our budget and coming in under budget to make up for this cycle's … [Continue reading]

How Murphy Saved Us from a Car Breakdown


Thus far, 2015 has been the Year of Murphy.  You know, that cycle you go through every once in awhile where endless, unexpected expenses keep cropping up?  Yep, that's where we are in 2015.  Month after month of unexpected expenses. First, there … [Continue reading]

A Mom’s Guide to Navigating Event Conferences


I’ve gone to several conferences, and for someone like me who is introverted, conferences can be challenging.  If you feel the same, here is some advice: An event conference might not seem like the kind of space a mom is going to feel comfortable … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for April 25, 2015

I want to get a lot of curriculum planning done for the upcoming school year (which we will probably start at the beginning of June), so I want to have easy upcoming weeks, mealwise.  The plan is to double or triple the meals I make this week, so … [Continue reading]

Our Homeschool Week in Review for April 23, 2015


My mom flew in for a visit two weeks ago.  We were supposed to drive and visit her near Easter, but thanks to our now $5,000 in unexpected medical and car expenses, we had to shelve that plan.  We wouldn't have been able to see her again until her … [Continue reading]

How I Feed My Family of 5 for $6,500 a Year–Week 15 (April 10 – April 16, 2015)


I'm WAY over budget this month thanks to our bulk beef and pork orders.  I also stocked up on some gluten free oats this week. In the next few weeks, I'm going to really have to tighten my belt, which should be a little easier now that we have … [Continue reading]