TOS Crew Review:  Victus Study Skills System

My husband has a Ph.D., and I have a Master's degree.  Yet neither one of us is more than average as far as intelligence goes.  We got our degrees by working hard and studying a lot. Amazingly, I didn't learn good study skills until I was a … [Continue reading]

TOS Blog Hop: Visiting Mount Vernon, George Washington’s Home


One of my best memories of our honeymoon is when we got to visit St. Augustine, Florida.  (Yes, my husband and I are both nerds that way!) When we had kids, we wanted to share our love of history with them.  Long before we started homeschooling, … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for Saturday, April 5, 2014

We're trying to curb our grocery bill by 15 to 30%, and boy is it tough!  This week is our last week of the month, and I joked on Facebook that I'm feeling a bit like Old Mother Hubbard. So, for this week I'll be digging out some of our remaining … [Continue reading]

Weekly Goals for April 3, 2014, and an Update on Last Week’s Goals

I'm continuing to work on decluttering.  Honestly, there's so much to do that sometimes it can feel overwhelming!  I've been inspired by From The Mrs. who is blogging and sharing on Facebook how much decluttering she has done.  Knowing that we have a … [Continue reading]

TOS Crew Review: Captivated The Movie

One of the things that disturbs me when I take my kids to the play ground is that I see more and more parents busy texting and checking their smart phones while their kids play.  These parents can spend the entire time at the park not once engaging … [Continue reading]

TOS Crew Review: Spelling You See

Spelling You See is a new curriculum brought to you by Demme Learning, the same company that created the popular Math-U-See curriculum. Rather than have children study spelling lists and try to memorize how words are spelled, Spelling You See … [Continue reading]

Our Debt Repayment Progress #32

As I mentioned last month, my husband is feeling a bit nervous about his work situation.  Though he normally lets me handle the budget and debt repayment entirely, over the last few months he's specifically asked, several times, that we slow down on … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for March 29, 2014

Okay.  I'm officially over preparing two meals every night.  Until I have a chance to do a freezer cooking session to make meals for my family, well, they need to eat the same Paleo AIP Candida diet meals that I'm eating.  At the least, they'll be … [Continue reading]

Amanda’s Own Confections: Dairy Free, Gluten Free Chocolate Review and Giveaway


Baskets filled with goodies are a hallmark of the Easter holiday, but for a child who has an allergy or an intolerance, that same basket can also be a danger.   One piece of candy they shouldn't have can lead to an upset stomach or a more serious … [Continue reading]

Alcúdia: History and Happy Families


The Balearic Islands are a haven for people all around the world looking for the enviable combination of clear blue water and warm beaches. However, too often the scene is dominated by partygoers whose idea of a holiday is drinking an inordinate … [Continue reading]