Finders Keepers by Stephen King: A Book Review

While recovering from foot surgery, I requested a ton of books.  The first one I delved into was Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King, the first book in a trilogy.  While I liked that one, it didn't hook me like some Stephen King books do. This post … [Continue reading]

Grocery Report, 2017: Week 14

This is the month.  The month to get our average monthly budget BELOW the highest limit we allow.  I did pretty good this week, so now I have to keep it up for the rest of the month. My foot is getting better, so I'm doing about half of the … [Continue reading]

March, 2017 “Found” Money for Travel Report

One of my goals this year is to "find" an extra $700 to help fund our trip to Michigan this year.  To that end, I tried some new ways to raise money that have been successful. In March I "found" $75 In February I "found" $136.46 In January, … [Continue reading]

Life of Fred: An Alternative Homeschool Math Program

When we started homeschooling Bookworm, we started with Saxon math because everyone recommended it.  After four months of struggling, we realized Saxon math was NOT the math for Bookworm.  We switched to Math-U-See and loved it.  I happily planned to … [Continue reading]

Homeschool Crew Review: Memoria Press’ Illiad & Odyssey Complete Set

Here's my confession for the day.  I was an English major in college.  I read a lot of classics, but I could never made my way through either The Illiad or The Odyssey.  I wasn't exposed to that kind of writing in my secondary education, so when I … [Continue reading]

Mr. Mercedes by Stephen King: A Book Review

The last Stephen King book I read was 11/22/63.  I couldn't put that book down, and I was sad when it ended.  When I planned for recovery from my foot surgery, I definitely wanted some Stephen King books in the mix. This post contains affiliate … [Continue reading]

Grocery Report, 2017: Week 13

Week 13.  Since March 14th, we've been feeding three adults and three kids since my mom is in town helping as I recover from foot surgery.  I really thought this month we'd come in under budget, but that didn't happen.  :)  After three months above … [Continue reading]

Homeschooling Kinesthetic Learners

I'm a visual learner.   Bookworm is a visual learner.  Cuddle Bug is an auditory learner. And PB & J Girl?  She's our kinesthetic learner.  There is nothing she loves more than d-o-i-n-g. There is nothing I have a harder time doing than … [Continue reading]

Austin Bunionectomy & Tailor’s Bunion Surgery Recovery: The First Week

So, here's a secret about me.  Sometimes I imagine the worst.  Before I board a plane, I worry about dying in a plane crash.  Yes, the risk is very tiny, but I worry about it.  (Never mind that I get in my car multiple times a day and the risk of … [Continue reading]

The Story Travelers Bible: A Book Review

While I went to church every week growing up, and I also attended a Catholic school through 6th grade, reading the Bible was not something that was emphasized.  I want my kids to have a greater understanding of the Bible and to learn the stories in … [Continue reading]