Menu Planning for November 7, 2015

Cooking has been a little more manageable now that I started to implement my plan to get food on the table in the most time efficient way possible.  This week, again, I'm relying on slow cooker or freezer meals. Here's the … [Continue reading]

Eat Your U.S. History Homework by Ann McCallum: TOS Crew Review


One of many things I have learned while homeschooling my kids is that they love eating food that is similar to what the people ate during the historical period we are studying.  Of course, my kids love food in general, so that might be part of it. … [Continue reading]

The Brinkman Adventures: Season 3 – TOS Crew Review

As I mentioned before, our two youngest (7 and 5.5) are finally enjoying audio stories, which make car rides much smoother!  They will now happily listen quietly while we're driving.  Woo hoo! Recently, we were offered the chance to review The … [Continue reading]

Getting Organized: Meal Planning and Cooking


Life's been a whirlwind lately.  We went from being housebound for six weeks in August and September thanks to the bus strike to being busy almost every day with homeschool activities, shopping, appointments, etc. Lately, things have felt very out … [Continue reading]

Standard Deviants Accelerate: TOS Crew Review


There are some subjects that are covered in traditional school that may not be on the radar for the homeschooler.  For us, one of those classes was nutrition.  When we were asked to review Standard Deviants Accelerate (SDA), an online program that … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for November 1, 2015

My plan this week is super simple meals that don't require much in the way of me cooking at all.  I'm trying to get organized and reclaim my time (more on that tomorrow), and this is one way to do it. Here's the plan for the … [Continue reading]

My Weekly Goals for October 31, 2015, and an Update on Last Week’s Goals

Before After

This post contains affiliate links, which help support Mom's Plans. October really threw me for a loop workwise.  My kids were sick for one week, and I was without my computer for two weeks, and I had a rush of Crew Reviews due, so I got hopelessly … [Continue reading]

Maestro Classics: The Nutcracker – TOS Crew Review

Much to my delight, Cuddle Bug (5.5) and PB & J Girl (7) are finally big enough to join Bookworm (11) and enjoy audio stories.  Since we often have long car rides, listening to stories makes the time pass more quickly, and plus, they're usually … [Continue reading]

The Ultimate Homeschool Planner: TOS Crew Review


Between homeschooling, extracurricular activities, and working from home part-time, I juggle a lot, as do most moms.  The only way I can keep everything running smoothly (well, as smoothly as I can) is by having a planner to keep me organized.  I am … [Continue reading]

Phonetic Zoo Spelling Level B: TOS Crew Review


Since bringing Bookworm home to homeschool two years ago, we've struggled to find a good spelling program.  In fact, we've been through three different spelling programs, none of which seemed to make a difference.  I should clarify that Bookworm is a … [Continue reading]