BIY (Brew It Yourself) Bone Broth Review and Giveaway


One of the best things for me personally that came from going on a Paleo diet (and having many food intolerances) was learning how to make my own bone broth.  Now, we regularly make broth two to three times a month and use it in all of our soups and … [Continue reading]

A+ Interactive Math: A TOS Crew Review


Recently, A+ Interactive Math developed Math Mini-Courses.  These mini courses are meant to fill in any learning gaps that your children may have, and I imagine they'd be excellent to use during the summer slide, whether your child homeschools or … [Continue reading]

Dairy Free, Gluten Free Menu Planning for April 16, 2016


One more busy, busy week, and then we can breathe.  Can't wait! We just paid for a 1/4 side of beef, which we'll get in a few weeks.  So, this week I'm trying to make meals mostly from items we have in the freezer and refrigerator.  I just plan on … [Continue reading]

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck: A Book Review

When I was 16 or 17, I readThe Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck in just a few days.  I could literally feel myself transported to the world he created, and I was profoundly touched by the end of the story. I have often thought fondly of the book … [Continue reading]

Read, Write & Type: A TOS Crew Review

PB & J Girl is different from my other two kids who prefer to learn by reading and being read to.  PB & J Girl (7.5) likes learning online for some of her work.  She especially likes online language arts program, so when the opportunity came … [Continue reading]

My Weekly Goals for April 13th, and an Update on Last Week’s Goals

What a week!  PB & J Girl started feeling nauseous whenever she ate on the Saturday before last.  That lasted for 4 days, and then she was vomiting and unable to keep down any food for 2 more days. We ended up in the emergency room for 7 hours … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning for April 10, 2016

One more week!  One more week!  By April 19th, we'll be done with one of our co-ops and our 4-H responsibilities, and we can finally start to breathe a little. I can't wait!  And the kids and I all agree that we're going to guard our time going … [Continue reading]

A Father’s Promise by Donnalynn Hess: A Book Review

To prepare Bookworm for modern history at the National History Bee, we've temporarily switched over to Tapestry of Grace for history. This book contains affiliate links which help support Mom's Plans. One of the recommended books for World War II … [Continue reading]

My Weekly Goals for April 6, 2016

Now that we're back from our 15 day adventure to see family and friends in Michigan and go to a conference in Ohio, I am ready to set goals again. We will be crazy busy through mid-April and then our load will decrease a bit.  By mid-May we'll … [Continue reading]

Freebies for You from The Old Schoolhouse – Entrepreneurship, Gardening, and Cleaning

I have had the pleasure of working as a reviewer on The Schoolhouse Review Crew almost since we started homeschooling.  I've met some amazing fellow homeschoolers, bloggers, and curriculum developers.  To say being on the Crew has been rewarding is … [Continue reading]