The Glass Castle: A TOS Crew Book Review

The Glass Castle by Trisha White and Jerry Jenkins_zpsiqfvktgj

Bookworm, as his name implies, devours books.  When we had the opportunity to review The Glass Castle by Trisha White Priebe and Jerry B. Jenkins, we happily said yes.  This excellent product from Shiloh Run Press is a book that kept my son's … [Continue reading]

MaxScholar: A TOS Crew Review


MaxScholar is a company that seeks to help children use technology to improve their reading level through their MaxScholar Reading Intervention Programs.  While we used it at home as Crew Reviewers, it's also used by brick and mortar schools.  In … [Continue reading]

My 12 Goals for 2016: May Update

My main goals for 2016 are to work on finances and myself.  I've been too busy with kids' activities to work on myself much.  However, life should settle down soon, after Bookworm is done competing in The History Bee.   I look forward to making a lot … [Continue reading]

Hey Mama! Print Schoolhouse Planner 2016-2017: A TOS Crew Review


I cannot function without a planner.  Like most moms, I have a lot of responsibilities as a mom, a homeschooling mom, a wife, a freelance writer and virtual assistant, and a TOS Crew reviewer.  The only way I keep my sanity is by using a … [Continue reading]

Essential Skills Advantage: TOS Crew Review


PB & J Girl loves online supplemental programs, so when we had the opportunity to once again review Essential Skills Advantage (ESA) for the Crew, we happily said yes.  This time, we reviewed their Complete Home Learning Suite, which is amazingly … [Continue reading]

My Weekly Goals for May 31, 2016, and an Update on Last Week’s Goals

Well, I put up my goals last Thursday and I'm updating today, so that's only 5 days, which can partially explain why I didn't get everything done.  Still, it was a very productive weekend, and I got to enjoy Memorial Day with my family, so I'm happy … [Continue reading]

A Letter to Mrs. Roosevelt by C. Coco De Young: A Book Review

These last few weeks of reading have been good and bad.  On the one hand, I'm reading good literature every day with my kids, which is great. On the other hand, I've been so busy prereading my kids books or reading with them and also screening … [Continue reading]

My Weekly Goals for May 26, 2016

Preparing for the History Bee and trying to find donations is more time consuming than I thought.  Most of my time seemed to be spent on those efforts the last two weeks, but it's definitely worthwhile. This post contains affiliate links, which help … [Continue reading]

Heroes, Heroines, and Tales of Ancient History by Amy Puetz: A Review


Do you teach children of multiple ages and learning styles?  Do you want to combine your children in some subjects so that the whole family can learn the same topic together at the same time?  If so, then you may want to consider Amy Puetz's Heroes, … [Continue reading]

Menu Planning (What We Ate Last Week) – 5/15/16


I'm trying something new.  Rather than menu planning what we're going to eat in the upcoming week, I'll instead tell you what we ate last week.  By doing it this way, you actually get to see many of our meals, which is better than just getting a link … [Continue reading]