We May Have a New Tradition: Giving Gifts AFTER Christmas

As those of you who read my blog this fall know, my son had a serious issue come up at his old school, and I was not at all comfortable with the way the principal handled it.  (Basically, he wanted to hide the issue as much as possible and not let all the parents of […]

Stretching Your Grocery Dollar Without Using Coupons Part 1

How do you stretch your grocery dollars? I know some people do an excellent job trimming the grocery budget with coupons. I am trying to work on that, but I have not had that much success. I am not a coupon maven. To try to make up for that, I have routinely found ways to […]

Take Advantage of Seasonal Restaurant Gift Card Deals to Save Money Later

Tis the season when retailers roll out great gift card deals.  At my local supermarket, they are offering a free $20 voucher for groceries when you buy $100 worth of gift cards. Restaurants are rolling out the deals too.  In fact, you will never see more holiday bonus offers from restaurants than you do from […]

Frugal Creative Ways to Enjoy My Guilty Pleasure: Starbucks

When my husband and I were first dating, we liked to spend Friday nights reading and doing work at a local bookstore.  My husband drank coffee, and I had cider or tea because I wasn’t a fan of those fancy coffee drinks.  Well, 11 years later, I drink more of those coffee drinks than my […]

An Easy Way to Improve Your Relationship–Three Grateful Things

A few months after our son was born, my husband and I hit a very rough spot in our marriage.  We had been married 3.5 years at the time, and I was often not sure our marriage would survive.  Besides going to marriage counseling, we did something else that strengthened our marriage. I was impressed […]

Have a Debt Free Christmas, Part II–Toys

If you are new to this series, make sure to check out part 1, freebies. While freebies are nice for obtaining presents, you most likely can’t fund your entire gift giving this way.  However, there are many low cost options to round out your shopping, especially when looking for toys. –Garage sales.  Throughout the summer […]

Making Summer Dresses Last Longer

My daughter has about 8 adorable, sleeveless summer dresses. Now that the weather is turning cooler, we are packing up summer clothes and bringing out the fall clothing. However, I couldn’t stand to put away all of her cute dresses! To stretch her dress wardrobe further, I have a simple white turtleneck to put under […]

A Way to Save Money on Expensive Car Repairs

I have a relative who found a used car from the 1990s that had low mileage because it was owned by an elderly woman. However, the car is still 15+ years old, so it needs some major replacements. Luckily, while perusing the newspaper one night, she found that the local community college was looking for […]

My Favorite Use for an Ice Cream Scoop

A while back, I heard on a cooking show (I wish I could remember which one!) to use an ice cream scoop when putting muffin batter into the muffin tins. It scoops the perfect size for the muffin tin and doesn’t make a mess. It’s true! It works perfectly. Now my ice cream scoop gets […]

Recycling Restaurant Containers

While perusing some of the lunch idea sources I mentioned last week, I came across an idea from Easy Lunchboxes—use little round plastic containers with lids to include dip for dipping. Now, I am lucky in that my son likes most vegetables, and he will gladly eat cucumber slices, broccoli or baby carrots in his […]