10 Ways to Buy Organic Foods on a Budget

Recently, I have taken an interest in eating healthier, more nutritious food.  I have tried to buy more organic fruits and vegetables for my family, in part because I like the idea that they are not sprayed with chemicals that may or may not wash off, and in part because I find that they taste […]

What Are Our Kids Eating Decomposition Update

We continue to struggle a bit with out son and his lunch ingredients. We seem to have reached a happy compromise by getting him veggie chips and fruit roll ups from Trader Joes. He has also convinced his dad that he likes simpler lunches. 🙂 Around the web, I found a few interesting articles pertaining […]

What Our Kids Are Eating Update Week 6

After 6 weeks, finally, some of the lunch food is moldy.  The pizza lunchable, however, has yet to show any mold.  I am quite surprised by this considering it has bread and processed cheese in it.  I don’t think the Cheetos will ever mold.  The longer it takes this food to mold, the more I […]

How To Limit Kids’ Sugar Intake During the Holidays

Christmas is only a few days away, and if you are like most, you will have holiday parties to attend.  In my family, we all get together in the evening.  There are often more desserts on the table than wholesome foods.  I attribute this to the influence of my grandma, who would just as soon […]

What Our Kids Are Eating Update: Will Processed Cheese Food Ever Mold?

If you are following along with our food decomposition experiment, you may find it a bit disconcerting, as we have, that the processed cheese food STILL has not molded.  It has been out at room temperature (72 degrees!) and now, 5 weeks later, though it looks a bit worse for wear, it has not molded.  […]

Mom and Me Cookbook – One of Our Favorite Resources for Cooking with Kids

Since my son was a toddler he has enjoyed helping me in the kitchen.  At first it was only dumping in some ingredients and stirring, but as he grows older, he has started helping me more.  He is always coming up with recipes that he wants us to try.  (Most of them are for sweets, […]

What Our Kids Are Eating: Food Decomposition Project Weeks 2 & 3

My husband and I have started a project with our son to try to teach him about processed food versus natural food.   One way we are doing this is by showing our son just how slowly processed food decomposes.  You can read our week 1 report here. I missed posting this last week due to […]

What Are Our Kids Eating: Experiment One – Popular Lunchbox Items

For our first experiment of our What Are Our Kids Eating project, we will focus on teaching our son about popular lunch food.  We have weekly What’s in Our Lunch Today posts, but we struggle to make our son understand why we try to pack homemade healthy lunches, mainly because he sees his friends eating […]