I’ve Joined WW (Weight Watchers) – Chasing 141

I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life.  When my health started suffering and everything I ate seemed to cause a physical reaction, I gave up dairy, and then gluten, and then soy.  Finally, I turned to Paleo AIP.  That seemed to help my health issues, and I lost a dramatic amount of weight.  […]

5 Ways to Buy Clothes on a Budget When You Are Losing Weight

When I was overweight, I often daydreamed about a time when I would lose weight and have a fun shopping spree.  When you’re very overweight as I was, shopping is no fun.  Nothing fits right, and shopping can be down right depressing and expensive.  (Have you seen the prices at Lane Bryant?  I loved their […]

Changing the “We’re Broke” Mentality to “We’re Delgating Our Money”

Lately, money has been VERY tight. We have three priorities right now (in order): 1.  Eat healthy, nutritious food (which for us means grass-fed meat and organic fruits and vegetables) 2.  Save money for Japanese school 3.  Pay down debt Each of these priorities is expensive.  The only way we can accomplish them is to […]

My New Blog and a Confession

When I read “Fat Blogging” at Robyn’s Online World, I was impressed with her honesty and her willingness to put it all out there. Just recently, I have been reading on Blessed with Grace of Lisa’s attempt to lose 100 pounds.  She has hired a trainer and is revamping the way she eats.  I am cheering […]

My Best Life Summer – Part One

I always hear Oprah referring to “Your Best Life.” I have decided this summer to focus on living my best life. In the next few weeks, I will outline some of the changes I am making. The most important change for me personally is losing weight. I am nearing 40, and I now have three […]