Our Organic Blueberry Picking, Freezing and Canning Adventures

We devour blueberries around here.  My husband puts them in the kids’ oatmeal in the morning, and blueberry muffins and pancakes are big hits around here, not to mention berry-banana smoothies.  Each year we buy about 30 pounds and freeze them to last us the entire year. This year, we decided to buy organic blueberries.  […]

Homemade Dairy Free, Soy Free Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns

If you can’t eat dairy or soy, hamburger bun options are fairly limited.  Luckily, one of Mom’s Plans’ readers, Deb Reynolds, shared a delicious recipe that has now become a family favorite.  (This is a variation of the recipe that I use to make homemade whole wheat cinnamon bread.) The best part of this recipe […]

Our Adventures Picking Organic Strawberries and Making Homemade Jam

This past weekend, we drove down to a farm two hours from our home and picked organic strawberries.  The kids loved seeing the farm and the chickens, and my oldest, who is almost 8, really enjoyed picking the strawberries. Why Buy Organic? Taste One of the main reasons we took this trip is because, as […]

My Husband Thinks I Am Crazy, but I Am Going to Start Canning

When I casually mentioned canning to my husband, he was completely against it.  Years ago, when we were first married and flat out broke, inspired by Amy Dacyczyn, we tried canning.  It was a miserable experience, especially since the tomatoes we spent all day canning didn’t turn out.  We gave up rather quickly. Now, we […]

10 Things We Don’t Have or Buy

A few weeks ago I saw that Money Saving Mom posted 7 Things We Don’t Buy, and soon after, The Frugal Girl posted 10 Things We Don’t Buy.  I love these type of posts because it gives the reader a glimpse into the blogger’s life, and it also drives home the point that we all […]

Our Experience Staying in a Vacation Rental by Owner VRBO Instead of a Hotel

When we were making our plans to go to North Carolina with my husband while he went to his conference, I was surprised that a hotel suite would cost us $160 a night plus tax.  He was only being reimbursed for the cost the hotel onsite would have cost, which was $110 a night, so […]

How Long Does Food Stay Good – An Infographic from All You

The folks at All You, my favorite magazine for frugal tips and great coupons, recently published a handy infographic to remind you how long food in your freezer, refrigerator and pantry stays good.  Take a look: [Source: Daily Savings from All You]

Five Ways To Save Money With Rising Gas Prices – A Guest Post

This is a guest post from Hank Coleman who writes about money and investing on his blog, Money Q&A. Now that gas prices are once again on the rise and we haven’t even reached the peak summer driving period yet, everyone is quickly becoming very concerned about saving money on gas. There are a few […]

How We Chose Our CSA

Last summer, when I became more interested in feeding my family quality food including organic produce, I started looking for reasonable options.  My research led me to CSAs, but by the time I learned about them, they were all sold out for the season.  For those who don’t know, CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  […]

Deals & Freebies – Blueberry Giant

We love, love, love blueberries around here. Last year, Blueberry Giant  offered two blueberry bushes for $10 (plus $6.95 shipping and handling), with the option to get a third bush for free (just pay additional shipping of $4.95 for the free one).  That would be a total of $21.90 for 3 blueberry bushes. We bought them […]