Finding the Silver Lining When Faced with Unexpected Expenses

A casual acquaintance of mine, I’ll call her Emily, recently posted on Facebook that she and her husband are looking at buying a new 12 passenger van, so she was soliciting input about the different kinds available. I don’t like to admit this because she’s the sweetest woman I know, but a part of me […]

How We’re Paying Cash for Phase One of Our Son’s Braces

So, Bookworm needs braces.  We’ve known this day would come, but we kind of buried our head in the sand and ignored it. However, now that he is almost 11, the time is here.  Yikes! We saw an orthodontist at the beginning of February who recommended a two part treatment. Phase One Phase One will […]

Frugal Happenings: Make Your Own Laundry Soap

This year I’m on a mission to cut our expenses wherever we can.  I have experimented with simplifying my children’s clothing and making my own liquid handsoap (which my husband didn’t like at all!). A few months ago, I decided to make my own laundry soap, but I wanted to wait to write about it […]

Frugal Happenings: Make Your Own Homemade Liquid Handsoap

This year I’m on a mission to curb our expenses as much as possible.  Over the last few years, we’ve cut quite a bit, so I have to be creative to find new ways to save. One of my first areas to target is toiletries.  I know I could get toiletries for pennies on the […]

How We Saved Money on Our Vacation Trip to Boston

We had the pleasure of going to Boston in late October.   Boston is a city I have wanted to see for many years, so when my husband found out he would have a conference there, I excitedly waited months for the conference date to come. Boston is an expensive city, so to stay within budget […]

Low Cost Way to Get Grass Fed Paleo Meat: Wild Game

This is a guest post by Wesley Levy, who operates the website, and is working on going paleo one day at a time. I know that Melissa has talked quite a bit about the success that she has had with the Paleo diet, and even shared some recipes. I had looked into going Paleo […]

A Simple Sewing Project: Changing Uniform Pants Into Uniform Shorts

For the first time, my son’s school has approved a summer uniform of shorts.  Most parents and students welcomed the change because last spring was so hot, and the old school gets VERY hot inside. Of course, I didn’t want to spend the $24.50 per pair for new uniform shorts, especially when Bookworm has outgrown […]

5 Ways to Buy Clothes on a Budget When You Are Losing Weight

When I was overweight, I often daydreamed about a time when I would lose weight and have a fun shopping spree.  When you’re very overweight as I was, shopping is no fun.  Nothing fits right, and shopping can be down right depressing and expensive.  (Have you seen the prices at Lane Bryant?  I loved their […]

6 Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you aren’t carefully, costume expenses can add up quickly.  While it is fun to dress up for Halloween, it is not fun to have to pay a fortune for an outfit your kids will only wear once or a few times while playing dress up.  Here are […]

My New Hobby: Watching Depression Era Cooking with Clara Cannucciari

Do you have fond memories of listening to your grandma telling stories of her childhood? I do.  My grandma was born in 1913 and lived through the Great Depression.  That experience changed her, and even into her 80s she was washing aluminum foil to reuse as well as plastic baggies.  She passed away 9 years […]