The Saved Quarter Challenge, Update #14, Earned $118

This week I earned $20.00 from writing/advertising and $98 from selling my kids’ spring/summer clothes on eBay.  Actually, I didn’t make nearly as much as I thought I would selling the kids’ clothes.  I think there were a few problems; first, I was too busy much of February and March to list the clothes for […]

The Story of My eBay Debacle Part Two

As I mentioned in Part One, I started selling on eBay as a desperate attempt to bring in enough money online to allow me to quit my job.  I foolish bought more inventory than I could afford because I wanted a successful, profitable business RIGHT NOW!  (Yes, looking back I can see that impatience is […]

The Story of My eBay Debacle – Part I

Have you noticed my absence from the site this week?  I hope not, but if you have, I blame it all on eBay! I started my eBay business four years ago.  My son was two, and I desperately wanted to stay home with him.  My husband was pursuing his Ph.D. and was ABD (all but […]

Have a Debt Free Christmas, Part II–Toys

If you are new to this series, make sure to check out part 1, freebies. While freebies are nice for obtaining presents, you most likely can’t fund your entire gift giving this way.  However, there are many low cost options to round out your shopping, especially when looking for toys. –Garage sales.  Throughout the summer […]

Buying Maternity Clothes on a Budget

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was so excited!  After only 10 short weeks, my regular pants were no longer fitting, so I excitedly headed off to the maternity clothing store.  I was excited until I looked at the price tag!  I just could not justify spending $35 to […]

Buying Coupons on eBay

I have made no secret of my love/hate relationship with coupons. I lack the discipline to sit down and cut them all, file them, and then weed through them when they are past their expiration date. I have tried just marking the date on the packages of coupons and keeping the inserts whole, but that […]

Make Money Selling Your Kids’ Clothes on Ebay, Part 2

This is the second in a two part series about selling your kids’ clothes on eBay. For the first part, go here. When you sell your kids’ clothes, there are several ways you can maximize your earnings: Presentation-Make sure all of the clothes are clean and wrinkle free. -Carefully look them over to find any […]

Make Money Selling Your Kids’ Clothes on Ebay – Part 1

Have your children outgrown their school clothes from last year? If so, instead of having a garage sale, consider selling them on eBay. Depending on the brand of clothing, you could make much more money this way. The Selling SeasonJuly through September are the optimal selling time for fall clothing because parents are gearing up […]

Buying Kids’ Clothes on Ebay

My son outgrew every single piece of summer clothing that he had from last year. However, I didn’t rush out to buy him new clothes at the first hint of warm weather. I am taking my time building his summer wardrobe to try to get the best price available. One resource I use is eBay. […]

Decluttering the Living Room

One of my goals before the baby comes is to declutter the house. Our living room serves as livingroom/diningroom/playroom, so it gets cluttered easily. In addition, my 17 month old loves to look at her books and rip them. (Seriously, my son never did this, but she loves to tear up books, even cardboard ones. […]