The Cost of Clutter Financially and Emotionally

As my readers here know, I have been on a mission to declutter for the last 20+ weeks.  Doing so has revealed quite a bit to me.  We are no where close to done, but I am able to see the difference it has made in our lives so far.  I am over at Free […]

The Tale of Two Friends

Rebecca Rebecca is an attorney.  She has thousands of dollars in student loan debt and has a bankruptcy under her belt.  She enjoys a nice living on a six figure salary.  When she moves into her new two flat apartment, she complains about it and says she wishes she could tear it down and rebuild […]

Sunk Costs and My eBay Business

I had a free consultation with an accountant a few weeks ago to discuss my blogging and freelance writing gigs.  While there, I also discussed my eBay business, which I plan to close this year. After I had expressed my frustration with the eBay business, both in trying to pay off the residual debt and […]

Stop the Insanity! Who Needs This Type of Credit Card?

I was appalled to read this article on Yahoo! Finance that originally appeared on, “Credit card had a 79.9% APR from First Premier Bank.” First Premier Bank caters to individuals who have poor credit and/or have previously declared bankruptcy.  They rolled out a credit card that had a 79.9% APR, but too many people […]

What Motivates the Money Pushers

If you have ever lost a significant amount of weight, you may know about the food pushers.  Those people who say, “You’re so thin; you have to eat!” or “Just try one bite of this.  One little bite won’t hurt.” Just like the food pushers, there are the money pushers, as I call them.  Do […]

Frugal Creative Ways to Enjoy My Guilty Pleasure: Starbucks

When my husband and I were first dating, we liked to spend Friday nights reading and doing work at a local bookstore.  My husband drank coffee, and I had cider or tea because I wasn’t a fan of those fancy coffee drinks.  Well, 11 years later, I drink more of those coffee drinks than my […]

Are You Spending Too Much to Try To Save Money?

I cancelled my newspaper subscription a few weeks ago because I am trying to trim our expenses in preparation for the big income cut starting in January and because the only reason I got the paper was for the coupons, which I was not using because, at this point in life, I am not organized […]

What Financial Lies Are You Telling Yourself?

Derrick has had a stressful day at work, and when he comes home he doesn’t feel like cooking. He tells himself that he “deserves” a night out at a restaurant. This is repeated at least once a week, to a tune of $160 to $200 a month. Victoria has $4000; instead of saving it, she […]

The Flip Side of Keeping Up with the Joneses

We all know about keeping up with the Joneses and what havoc that can wreak on personal finance. When you try to keep up with the Jones’, you spend money you probably don’t have to get all the latest trappings others have, even though those others may be financially strapped. Yet there is a flip […]

How Does Your Parent’s Financial Example Affect You?

Within the last several weeks, two of the bloggers I read regularly have written posts about their parents and how little they learned about finances from them. Each of these bloggers basically said that they were lucky to have turned out financially responsibly because their parents were woefully irresponsible. Something about these posts bothered me. […]