Exhaustion – Blogging Through the Alphabet

I love my kids.  I’m so blessed to have them, and I wonder every day what they’ll be like in adulthood.  I remember fondly their baby and toddlerhoods, and I love watching them grow into young adults. But right now, I also see their challenges every day.  I see their struggles, their complaints as we […]

Dyslexia: Blogging through the Alphabet

When you’re teaching a young child to read and you homeschool, you’ll likely hear this piece of advice if your child is slow to learn how to read—“Don’t worry.  My child didn’t learn to read until 9 (or 10 or 11), and now he’s a voracious reader.” I can’t tell you the number of well-meaning […]

Using the Barton Reading & Spelling System for Dyslexia: Blogging Through the Alphabet

After I got the actual diagnosis of dyslexia for one and then two of my children, I set about finding a way to help them.  I decided even before I got the diagnosis that I would not be happy with simply giving them accommodations only.  I am an English major and love to read and […]

What Life Was Like with Two Undiagnosed Kids with Autism – Blogging Through the Alphabet

I always thought if you had a kid with autism, you would know.  Growing up, I met plenty of kids with autism.  My brother had cerebral palsy, and he played on a Challenger Little League team specifically for kids with physical and intellectual challenges.  Most of his teammates had down syndrome or autism. What I […]

Restoration Series: Jonathon’s Walk – A Preview

I love a good documentary.  I’m interested in all types of topics for documentaries, especially if they help me learn about people and ways of life that I’m not familiar with. I was recently given the opportunity to preview Jonathon’s Walk, a documentary about one man’s journey from the walls of prison back home to […]

Raising Kids with Learning Differences – Blogging Through the Alphabet

The Crew is doing another round of Blogging Through the Alphabet, and I decided to join this time (and hopefully get all the way through the alphabet unlike other times I’ve joined!), and this round, I’ll have a special focus: Learning Differences. Why Learning Differences? A few years ago, I thought I was the mom […]

My Goals for 2019 – Week 2 of 52

This week was a doozy!  First, I kept my chart, so I could visually see what I accomplished and what goals I wasn’t achieving.  I think keeping this chart will be essential to meeting my goals.  That’s the good news. The bad news is that this week my mom, I, and both of the girls […]

Stock Up Clearance Gluten Free Sale at Walmart

If you have a Walmart near you and you’re gluten free, you may want to check out their gluten free area.  I went yesterday afternoon and found many items on clearance! I found the following great deals: Van’s cereal $1 a box Enjoy Life Coco Loco bars .75 a box Enjoy Life chocolate chip cookies […]

My Health, Wellness, and Weight Loss Plan for 2019 – Chasing 141!

One of my seven goals for 2019 was to follow a Paleo diet, but I’ve decided to scratch that goal and make it more specific and realistic. In the last two years, I’ve gained a lot of weight.  In the past, I’ve had great success with the Paleo diet, but I’ll be honest, I don’t […]

4 Weeks to a More Productive Life: Week 2

I’ll be honest, last week when I set my goal to wake up at 4:30 in the morning, I was afraid I was setting myself up for defeat.  I have a really hard time getting up that early in general, but even more so when it’s cold and dark out and oh so cozy in […]