Grocery Report, 2017: Week 7

Week 7 of our grocery reports.  I’ve noticed that having our daughter on AIP is starting to cost us more money.  I was hoping it wouldn’t, but she misses some of her regular food, so I’ve been making her coconut carob truffles for a treat.  I also discovered a recipe that she loves for AIP […]

The Loving Push by Temple Grandin & Debra Moore: A Book Review

A child with high functioning autism can be a blessing and a challenge.  These children are often very bright, which can bode well for academic success and possible career success if they find the right job niche.  However, these kids by nature may appear unmotivated because they don’t like to initiate conversation in social settings, […]

Grocery Report, 2017: Week 6

It was the beginning of the month and we needed some staples. I thought I was doing pretty good with the groceries I bought, but I was surprised by the grand total of this trip!  I want to be under $1,000 this month, so I’ll have to be careful in the upcoming weeks of February. […]

Grocery Report, 2017: Week 5

January turned out to be a pricey grocery month.  We did end up going over budget, but just by $1.76, so I’m okay with that. Details of Our Grocery Reports One of my goals this year is to lower my grocery bill and be more cognizant of my spending.  I spent a lot of my […]

January, 2017 “Found” Money for Travel Report

One of my goals this year is to “find” an extra $700 to help fund our trip to Michigan this year.  To that end, I tried some new ways to raise money that have been successful.  Here’s how I did in January: Credit Card Cash Back – $100 I put that money in our travel […]

Paleo AIP Freezer Cooking Session Wrap-Up, January 2017

I had a small, Paleo AIP freezer cooking session for one of my children last weekend.  I ended up with 4 single servings of each of these soups: Vegetable Beef Soup (To make this AIP compliant, I substituted the tomatoes and green beans with veggies that are AIP approved.  I also omitted the pepper and used […]

Grocery Report, 2017: Week 4

After having such a big grocery haul last week and making 28 meals for the freezer, I wanted to have a much cheaper grocery trip this week.  I do want to stay within budget for the month, even if it is at the top end of our monthly budget ($1,058.30). This post contains affiliate links. […]

How I Find Giveaways to Enter

One of my goals for 2017 is to enter at least 200 giveaways.  I’ve been entering giveaways for about three years now. This post contains affiliate links.  Thanks for your support! In 2015 I had great success and won quite a few.  In 2016 I only won two, one of them being our Ting phone […]

Grocery Report 2017: Week 3

The first two weeks of January, we kept our grocery budget fairly low (for us).  One of my goals was to eat down some of the food in the deep freezer so I’d have room for a freezer cooking session.  This week when Sprout’s put their local, grass-fed beef on sale, I knew the time […]

2016: The Year of the Autism Diagnosis

2016 was a rough year for us.  We had a lot of financial expenses—new central air conditioning unit, new-to-us car for my husband—but it wasn’t just the financial expenses that made our 2016 difficult. 2016 was also the year that one of our kids got diagnosed with high-functioning autism.  Our kids are 6.5, 8 and […]