Save Money on Gluten Free Dairy Free Food with Vitacost and Ebates

Our gluten free, dairy free pantry supplies were getting a big low, so I stocked up at Vitacost during one of their sales.  (Vitacost frequently runs 15 and 20% off sales.) This post contains affiliate links. Not only did I get all of these pantry staples at Vitacost for 20% off (plus some items were […]

Grocery Report, July 13, 2017

We decided to cut our grocery budget, but we didn’t make that decision until I had completed most of our shopping for the week.  I’ll do what I can over the next two weeks to not spend as much, but it’s tough changing the grocery budget mid-month.  It may take affect at the new amount […]

Grocery Report, July 6, 2017

May and June were crazy months, so my grocery reports just didn’t posted.  After awhile, I didn’t even have the time (or energy) to keep track of them myself. But, hey, July 1 is the start of a new fiscal year, so I’m going to try to get back on the wagon with tracking my […]

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead: A Book Review

Cuddle Bug kept going to the same part of the children’s section in the library and picking out books.  They all had to do with the underground railroad.  We read so many of those books that she and PB & J Girl were able to earn a badge from American Heritage Girls about the underground […]

April, 2017 “Found” Money for Travel Report

One of my goals this year is to “find” an extra $700 to help fund our trip to Michigan this year.  To that end, I tried some new ways to raise money that have been successful. In April, I “found” $64.24 In March I “found” $75 In February I “found” $136.46 In January, I “found” […]

Grocery Report, 2017: Week 17

My goal this month is to stay under budget. Our group that buys grass-fed beef direct from the farmer ordered it this month, but we decided not to buy a 1/4 this time, even though we really could have used it. We have some upcoming expenses coming up, and we really just couldn’t afford the […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Planet316 Daily Bible Jigsaw

When I was recovering from foot surgery, I tried to find things that could keep me and the girls entertained.  One we found and loved was Daily Bible Jigsaw by Planet316. About Daily Bible Jigsaw Daily Bible Jigsaw is completely free to use, and there is a new puzzle every day. To run the game, […]

Austin Bunionectomy & Tailor’s Bunion Surgery Recovery: The Second Week

At the end of the first week (day 6) I was given a walking boot.  I was told I could walk without crutches, just using the walking boot, but that was uncomfortable, so I used crutches for the next three days.  Then I used one crutch for two days, and finally I started walking with […]

3 Things You Should Spend on Instead of Pricey Car Insurance

Nothing is worse than overpaying for a necessity. Whether you are buying groceries, buying clothes for the kids or researching Dallas local insurance agents, getting a fair deal is of the utmost importance. So why are so many families still overpaying for necessities like these? Despite the benefits of saving, it takes research and effort, […]

Grocery Report, 2017: Weeks 15 and 16

So, two weeks into recovery from foot surgery, I got a low grade fever.  This was on March 30th.  Save for about three days in the mix, I had that low grade fever until April 10th.  And then the sleeping beast awoke, and my fever roared to 103 degrees and stayed there until antibiotics finally […]