Why I Am Trying to Hire a Babysitter

Last year at this time, my husband and I were scraping by on his small grad assistantship and student loans, relying on credit cards to get us through.  It is a situation that landed us in a great deal of debt that we are currently paying off with gazelle intensity. The Growth of My Business […]

Tell Your Time by Amy Lynn Andrews for $2!!

 Last fall I heard about Amy Lynn Andrews’ eBook, Tell Your Time, and knew I had to get it.  This short book (27 pages), helped my husband and I implement a schedule together to make sure the most important thing to both of us, our family, is our priority. Before reading this book, we would […]

A Date with Finances

I subscribe to Daily Worth e-mails.  Daily Worth is a “community of women who talk money.”  One of them, Suzanne de Baca, recently wrote a post about making time for herself and her finances.  She is declaring June 9th as a day she spends just focusing on her finances.  She calls it her “Money Day Off”, […]

How to Accomplish Your Goals Part 2: Write Down a Step-by-Step Time Line

This is part two of a three part series.  To see Part 1: Write It Down, go here. We talked last time about how setting goals for yourself and writing them down can increase your productivity and the likelihood that you will accomplish your goals, whether they are personal, financial, career, etc. Once you set […]

How To Accomplish Your Goals Part 1: Write It Down!

We have all heard the advice that if you want to accomplish your goals, you should write them down, but do you actually do it? I am a big proponent of writing down goals.  Putting my goals down on paper helps me to focus and to make them a priority.  While my husband is not […]

Goals for the Weeks Before Baby #3 is Born

I am now officially on maternity leave, and just 34 short days from now, our third child will be born. (The only good thing about a mandatory c-section is that at least I can make firm plans and know exactly when the baby will arrive, unless, of course, she decides to come early.) Now that […]

How Being Unorganized the Last Few Months Has Cost Us

For the last few months, ever since I returned to work, our lives have been chaotic and I have become very unorganized. Starting in August, I returned to work full-time; during that time, I have also been trying to give my husband ample time to work on his dissertation so he can graduate, taking care […]

I Tried Peapod and Liked It!

I am in the last two weeks of craziness at work. That means the end is in sight, but I have A LOT of work to do before life returns to normal. I was swamped this weekend and not feeling like fighting the grocery store crowds when I saw a commercial for Peapod. I decided […]

Freezer Meals Made Easy

I always liked the idea of once a month cooking (OAMC), but I couldn’t get past the idea of buying a month’s worth of groceries, putting them all away and then cooking for a full day to make a month’s worth of food. Yes, it would be great to have all that food prepared, but […]

A Blogging Break

Work is getting very busy. In addition to my regular work day, I am planning on several hours working at home this week in the evenings. It doesn’t leave much time for much else, so I am taking a blogging break. I outlined my priorities here before I returned to work, and now it is […]