The Tax Repercussions of Taking Money Out of Our Retirement

Back in August, my husband and I sat down with our new financial planner who shocked us by urging us to withdraw money from our retirement when I did my IRA rollover so we could pay off credit card debt. At the time, we had $19,912.31 in credit card debt.  We were paying approximately $398 […]

5 Ways We Plan to Use Our Tax Return To Help Our Bottom Line

My husband and I get a sizeable tax return each year because we have three children and don’t currently have a great income.  (I do look forward to the day when we get a much smaller tax return!)  Since our returns our so sizeable, we are currently analyzing what to do with them.  For this […]

How We Used Our Tax Refund

I ran a poll on my sidebar about how people planned to utilize their tax refund. So, I thought I would share with you what we did with ours. What follows is the percentage of how we distributed our tax refund. Savings = 86%Paying down debt = 10%Nice dinner out = 1.0%My blow money = […]