Finding the Silver Lining When Faced with Unexpected Expenses

A casual acquaintance of mine, I’ll call her Emily, recently posted on Facebook that she and her husband are looking at buying a new 12 passenger van, so she was soliciting input about the different kinds available. I don’t like to admit this because she’s the sweetest woman I know, but a part of me […]

Low Cost Way to Get Grass Fed Paleo Meat: Wild Game

This is a guest post by Wesley Levy, who operates the website, and is working on going paleo one day at a time. I know that Melissa has talked quite a bit about the success that she has had with the Paleo diet, and even shared some recipes. I had looked into going Paleo […]

Tips For Shopping Online

You can shop in the comfort of your own home- and bathrobe- these days, and millions of people do just that. Online shopping has become the new normal and each year millions of online items are bought and sold. The trend has become so popular that sites offer Cyber Monday as an alternative to Black […]

5 Ways to Buy Clothes on a Budget When You Are Losing Weight

When I was overweight, I often daydreamed about a time when I would lose weight and have a fun shopping spree.  When you’re very overweight as I was, shopping is no fun.  Nothing fits right, and shopping can be down right depressing and expensive.  (Have you seen the prices at Lane Bryant?  I loved their […]

3 Ways We Saved Money on Our Vacation to Memphis

My husband had a conference to attend in Memphis last week, so the entire family tagged along. We usually take vacations this way to save money.  My husband’s employer was already paying mileage for him to drive there as well as hotel, so all we had to pay for was sight seeing, souvenirs, and food. […]

Changing the “We’re Broke” Mentality to “We’re Delgating Our Money”

Lately, money has been VERY tight. We have three priorities right now (in order): 1.  Eat healthy, nutritious food (which for us means grass-fed meat and organic fruits and vegetables) 2.  Save money for Japanese school 3.  Pay down debt Each of these priorities is expensive.  The only way we can accomplish them is to […]

Flash Savings: Growing Our Savings to $3,000 in 4 Weeks

Murphy has hit us and hit us hard these last few months. Murphy is a challenge any time he shows up, but when you have a very small emergency fund, Murphy can wreak all sorts of havoc in your finances as he has ours recently. Our debt, which had gone down for 10 months, went […]

My Husband Thinks I Am Crazy, but I Am Going to Start Canning

When I casually mentioned canning to my husband, he was completely against it.  Years ago, when we were first married and flat out broke, inspired by Amy Dacyczyn, we tried canning.  It was a miserable experience, especially since the tomatoes we spent all day canning didn’t turn out.  We gave up rather quickly. Now, we […]

Our Trip to North Carolina – A Frugal Vacation by Tagging Along for My Husband’s Conference

A few weeks ago, the kids and I accompanied my husband to his conference in North Carolina. We arrived on Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon, we took our kids to the Morehead Planetarium to view the Magic Tree House Space Mission.  My son is a voracious reader, but he has been particularly interested in the […]

Our Experience Staying in a Vacation Rental by Owner VRBO Instead of a Hotel

When we were making our plans to go to North Carolina with my husband while he went to his conference, I was surprised that a hotel suite would cost us $160 a night plus tax.  He was only being reimbursed for the cost the hotel onsite would have cost, which was $110 a night, so […]