Homeschool Crew Review: Kids Email Safe Email for Kids

Bookworm (almost 14) has had his own e-mail account since he was 12 when we got to review Kids Email Safe Email for Kids.  In fact, we love Kids Email so much that when our free subscription ran out, we bought another year.  I plan to use this for my kids for several more years […]

Homeschool Crew Review – Jacob Deshazer: Forgive Your Enemies

What can I say?  We love YWAM Publishing‘s books.  This year, Cuddle Bug, who just turned 8 and is in 2nd grade, has learned all of her American history through listening as I read aloud to her all of the books in the Heroes of History series.  We supplemented that series recently by reading a […]

Alpha Burritos: A Moms Meet Review and Giveaway

Even though my husband is the thinnest one in the family, he wants to get his cholesterol down.  One way he is doing this is by eating more meatless meals and eating more meals with fish.  He’s also rising early in the morning to get a good exercise session in several mornings a week. To […]

Homeschool Crew Review: A+ Interactive Math

Bookworm has reached Pre-Algebra.  I’m not a math whiz and neither is he, so we’ve struggled to find just the right program for him.  We were recently given the opportunity to review A+ Interactive Math (by A+ TutorSoft Inc.).  We chose the Family Math Package and settled into the pre-Algebra program. About A+ Interactive Math […]

Homeschool Review Crew: My FreezEasy

This post contains affiliate links which help support Mom’s Plans. UPDATE:  This weekend only (4/21 – 4/22/18), My FreezEasy is having a Fiesta Sale.  Get a monthly subscription on sale for $10 instead of the usual $12 and get a yearly subscription for $95 instead of the usual $120.  This is a great time to […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Apologia Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology

PB & J Girl loves science, especially hands on experiments.  When we had the opportunity to review Exploring Creation with Human Anatomy and Physiology, I was a bit nervous.  We always use the elementary science from Apologia, but I had planned to wait to cover anatomy and physiology with her until she was in 6th […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Princess Cut Movie

The kids and I settled down to a movie on Easter day.  Our choice?  Princess Cut, which I had received from Watchman Pictures for review.  We enjoyed this family-friendly film, and I especially enjoyed that I didn’t have to worry about inappropriate language or scenes. About Princess Cut Princess Cut follows the story of Grace, […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Memoria Press Music Appreciation 1

PB & J Girl loves music and singing.  She sings in the church choir, but she knows little in the way of reading music, understanding music language, etc.  We’ve started to change that, though, thanks to the opportunity to review Music Appreciation 1 by Memoria Press. About Music Appreciation 1 The Music Appreciation 1 set […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Carole P. Roman A Child’s Introduction to Cultures Around the World Books

Cuddle Bug best learns by being read to, so we’re reading aloud her history, religion, and science.  I was delighted to add geography when we began reading aloud books by Carole P. Roman.  We chose three books in her A Child’s Introduction to Culture Around the World series, If You Were Me and Lived in. […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Zirrly Mega Pack Super Beads

My girls love to create, and they love making bead creations.  They’ve used popular beads, but that usually resulted in frustration because they would have to wait for mom to iron them.  That could take (ahem) many, many months.  (Bad mom!)  But, they had a frustration-free experience recently when they tried Super Beads.  Zirrly has […]