One of Our Goals for 2013: Catch Up on Retirement Contributions

I was employed full-time for 10 years, and my employer automatically deducted 8% of my gross pay and deposited it into a retirement fund.  When I first started the job, I could’t afford such a large deduction, but I had no choice.  Now I am so glad that I didn’t have a choice. Even though […]

Are You Suffering from Optimistic Financial Denial?

Some people suffer from a certain form of optimistic financial denial.  They look at part of someone else’s circumstances and use that to justify their own way of life, without considering the entire picture.  Take, for example, a relative I have that I will call Stacey (not her real name).  Stacey is nearing retirement, and […]

5 Ways We Plan to Use Our Tax Return To Help Our Bottom Line

My husband and I get a sizeable tax return each year because we have three children and don’t currently have a great income.  (I do look forward to the day when we get a much smaller tax return!)  Since our returns our so sizeable, we are currently analyzing what to do with them.  For this […]

An Unexpected Financial and Personal Bonus

Back in February, before my daughter was born, my husband and I made the difficult decision that I would give up my income and be a stay at home mom as I have always wanted. My husband is finishing up his dissertation for his Ph.D., so the income he could bring in would be from […]

The Flip Side of Keeping Up with the Joneses

We all know about keeping up with the Joneses and what havoc that can wreak on personal finance. When you try to keep up with the Jones’, you spend money you probably don’t have to get all the latest trappings others have, even though those others may be financially strapped. Yet there is a flip […]