How to Save on Diapers or Get Them For Free

One of the biggest expenses new parents face is the cost of diapers.  It is amazing how many diaper changes a newborn needs in 24 hours.  For some parents, the cost of diapers is merely an annoyance; for others who are struggling financially, the cost of diapers is painful. Some low income families have even […]

First Time Moms Can Save Money Even with a Newborn – A Guest Post

Babies bring tremendous joy as well as incredibly large bills. You can save a bundle caring for your newborn baby in a variety of ways. Your savings can be used to start a college fund and that would be a truly wise investment. Formula Infant formula is a necessity for mothers that choose not to […]

Buying Maternity Clothes on a Budget

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was so excited!  After only 10 short weeks, my regular pants were no longer fitting, so I excitedly headed off to the maternity clothing store.  I was excited until I looked at the price tag!  I just could not justify spending $35 to […]

The Cloth Diaper Experiment Results

I cloth diapered my son for most of his babyhood. I tried to cloth diaper my second child, but because of circumstances in our apartment building and because she was sick so often (the poor baby had chicken pox at 3.5 months old!), cloth diapers just did not work for us then. Now that two […]

Trying Cloth Diapers Again–An Experiment

As I have shared my grocery bill each week on this blog, I have become aware that having two kids in paper diapers is MUCH more expensive than having 1 kid in paper diapers. When my oldest daughter was born 21 months ago, we briefly tried to cloth diaper her. (We already had all the […]

Great Toy Sales at Kmart

I read on Stockpiling Moms last night that K-mart is offering 50% off their clearance toys. I went this morning and found a few Christmas and birthday items for my older two. (More on that coming next Tuesday for my Frugal Finds post.) For more details, check out Stockpiling Moms full post here.

Make Money Selling Your Kids’ Clothes on Ebay, Part 2

This is the second in a two part series about selling your kids’ clothes on eBay. For the first part, go here. When you sell your kids’ clothes, there are several ways you can maximize your earnings: Presentation-Make sure all of the clothes are clean and wrinkle free. -Carefully look them over to find any […]

Back To School Supply Challenge Update

As I mentioned last week, I am trying to get all of the items for my son’s first grade school supply list under $15. Until school starts, I will be updating weekly on my success. His school is very specific about the brand of some items on his school supply list. Here is the exact […]

Frugal Finds – 7/6/10

I am starting a new feature on this blog, Frugal Finds, where we can share our less than retail finds. My youngest is growing much quicker than I would like—she has gained 7 pounds since her birth 11 weeks ago! I had this crazy idea that she would fit into her sister’s clothes that she […]

Guest Post–Creative Ways to Dress Your Kids and Recycle Fabric

Today’s guest post comes from Denise, one of the moms I virtually met through Frugal Moms. So – you have growing children, and not a lot of $$$ to clothe them. I remember it all too well! Here are some of the things I did to keep my kids well clothed, yet not break the […]