Why You Should Always Get a Second Opinion If You Feel Something Is Wrong With Your Body Physically

Long-time readers of this blog know that I have struggled with food intolerances including dairy and soy.  Recently I gave up gluten to see if that was the problem, but when it didn’t seem to make that much of a difference, I put it back in my diet. Symptoms I Have For the last year, […]

Buying Maternity Clothes on a Budget

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I was so excited!  After only 10 short weeks, my regular pants were no longer fitting, so I excitedly headed off to the maternity clothing store.  I was excited until I looked at the price tag!  I just could not justify spending $35 to […]

An Unexpected Financial and Personal Bonus

Back in February, before my daughter was born, my husband and I made the difficult decision that I would give up my income and be a stay at home mom as I have always wanted. My husband is finishing up his dissertation for his Ph.D., so the income he could bring in would be from […]

Welcoming Our Baby Girl

(Big brother meets his new little sister for the first time.) Our third child was born on Tuesday, April 20th. After much debating, we decided to name her Delaney. The delivery itself was a scheduled c-section and was uneventful. However, looking back on the pregnancy, there were a number of near misses that we were […]

My Plan for My Mom After the Baby Comes

In my experience, some people are cleaners and some people are cookers. For instance, it drives my mom crazy when her house is messy; when she comes to my house, all she wants to do is clean. Yet, when it comes to cooking and eating, she really is not that fussy. She will happily eat […]

Goals for the Weeks Before Baby #3 is Born

I am now officially on maternity leave, and just 34 short days from now, our third child will be born. (The only good thing about a mandatory c-section is that at least I can make firm plans and know exactly when the baby will arrive, unless, of course, she decides to come early.) Now that […]

Our Newest Baby

I have gotten 3D ultrasounds with each of my children. I just love getting a glimpse of what the baby looks like. I went last Saturday to get one for our daughter due in April, and the quality was so much better than either of the two I have done before. We could see her […]

We’re Having . . .

We are having a girl!! We had the ultrasound today and found out it is a girl. My husband is happy because our other daughter will be 18 months when the new baby is born. He is hoping they will be great friends. I hope so too. My best friend when I was little had […]

Our Good News!

My husband and I always wanted three kids. My son and daughter are 4.5 years apart, so we knew the last two would have to be close together if I wanted to have all three before turning 40. So we were very excited to find out I am now pregnant for number three!! We will […]