How We Plan to Lower Our Grocery Bill in 2014

                    Last year, we spent way too much on groceries. We eat an exclusively grass fed meat and organic produce diet.  Because we put a high priority on quality food to heal our leaky guts, we skimp on other areas so we have more money for […]

Organic, Local Blueberry Picking, 2013

Last year we bought 50 pounds of blueberries; we froze 30 pounds and we used 20 pounds to make jam.  We ran out of blueberries in January. This year, we decided to buy more. We headed out on a warm, humid Saturday with the goal of picking at least 30 pounds by ourselves. Yeah.  That […]

We’re Renting an Organic Apple Tree!

In an effort to curb our grocery bill, we’re trying to stock up on organic produce when it’s in season and at its lowest price.  So far we’ve filled the freezer with plums, grapes, and strawberries.  Before the end of July, we’ll go pick blueberries and put those in the freezer, too. Late last month, […]

July Pantry Challenge Update #2, 2013

You’ll remember that the purpose of my pantry challenge this month is not to save money, but instead to funnel money to stock up on seasonal fruits so we can save money in the winter. As of my first report last week, I spent $282 and had $468 left in the budget. This week, I […]

Getting Our Grocery Budget Back in Shape: A July Pantry Challenge, Sort Of

Last July, I set the goal of spending less than $200 per week on our organic produce and grass-fed meat.  I thought that we’d be able to do this easily by freezing some items from our CSA and eating a lot of beans. The plan went well for the first two months until I discovered […]

Our Strawberry Picking Trip and What To Do with 66 Pounds of Strawberries

Last year, we headed down to Mulberry Lane Farm, the only farm in Illinois to offer u-pick organic strawberries and picked and bought 43.5 pounds of strawberries.  While we thought we had bought plenty, we ran out around January (though we did have some jars of jam left).  It was a sad few months without strawberry […]

Our Square Foot Garden 2013: Update #1

We planted our square foot garden a few weeks ago from plants we grew inside. . .and then we promptly had a frost warning.  Boo. Our poor little plants just shriveled up and died. So we waited a few weeks, and on Memorial Day weekend, we tried again.  Hopefully the killing cold weather is behind […]

Our Meat CSA Delivery, April 2013

This was our last delivery with our current meat CSA. Because we were often receiving cuts that we didn’t care for like neck bones and because the prices were rising, we decided to stop using this CSA. We visited a new farm a few weeks ago and will be getting some of our pork, chicken […]

My Weekend at the Gluten and Allergen Free Expo – A Recap

Have you ever felt different from others?  Have you ever felt others look at you strangely?   Have you felt uncomfortable and that you’re drawing too much attention to yourself? Probably you have at one point or another. But if you have a food allergy or intolerance (or many), you’re probably used to feeling different and […]

5 Ways We Save When Buying Specialty Foods

Sometimes I look around the web and get bummed out by how little people are able to pay for groceries.  One blogger asked her Facebook followers how much they spend on groceries and answers ranged from as little as $60 a week for a family of 5 to as much as $300 a week. The […]