How to Save on the High Price of Eggs

Eeghads, the price of eggs! If eggs are a breakfast staple for your family, you can relate. We like to buy organic eggs, which were higher priced than other egg choices, but now, every type of egg is dramatically more expensive. While eggs used to be a frugal protein source, that is changing.  Eggs at […]

How We Plan to Buy a New Computer Without Busting Our Budget

Last year I bought a computer at Costco.  It was a lemon right out of the box.  (Of course, my husband insisted I was the problem because he thinks I’m hard on computers and always screw them up.) I called Costco’s concierge service, and they walked me through some strategies to fix the computer.  At […]

Are You Spending Money Like a Typical American?

I recently read an interesting post on Yahoo that documented how Americans, rich and poor, spent their money in 2012.  While I don’t have our 2012 figures, thanks to You Need a Budget (look for a full review coming next week), I can say how we’ve spent our money over the last 3 months. The […]