Menu Planning for July 9, 2017

This will probably be the last week in July that we work on filling the freezer.  Then, the rest of the month, we’ll work on eating down those meals and lowering the grocery bill.  Here’s the plan for the week: Saturday Lunch–BLTs, cucumber slices, chips Dinner–steak, broccoli, diced sweet potatoes Sunday Lunch–Chicken tenders, bean & […]

Menu Planning for July 2, 2017

Last week was a weird week because each of our kids developed a cold.  Each of them, on the first day, was completely out of commission–unable to eat, some vomiting, some running a fever.  Every two days, a new kid got the cold until we’d run through all three of them.  As a result, I […]

Menu Plan for June 25, 2017

This week, Vacation Bible School is over, and I’m set on the task of getting myself and the kids on a routine again.  We haven’t been on our regular routine since my foot surgery in March, so I’m more than anxious for this to happen.  I’m also making double of each of our dinners this […]

Menu Plan for June 11, 2017

Last week we tried some recipes from The Gluten Free Homemaker, and they were a huge hit, especially with the kids, so we’re trying some more of those recipes this week. Sunday Lunch–Hamburgers, sweet potato chips, cucumbers Dinner–Pork Roast, Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Beets, Broccoli Monday Lunch–Gluten Free Pizza with Daiya Cheese Dinner–Mexican Lasagna Tuesday […]

Menu Planning for June 4, 2017

We’re going with easy meals this week.  Last week we had some work done on our house, so we had to move to a hotel for two days, and then workers were here all day Friday.  We’ve mostly got the house back to a functional state, but now I’m trying to institute a new routine […]

Menu Planning for May 14, 2017

Last week, I managed to double three of my meals, so I have three meals in the freezer–Sloppy Joes, Hearty Vegetable Soup, and Split Pea Soup.  This week I hope to get at least three more meals in the freezer. Sunday Lunch–Steak, broccoli, rice and quinoa Dinner–Ribs, baked potatoes, cucumbers & salad Monday Lunch–Mini Hot […]

Menu Planning for May 6, 2017

This past week, I was sick with a terrible cold, and then my husband got it.  We only got to make one quick stop at the grocery store, so we ate from the pantry.  I didn’t think there was much left in the pantry for meals, but we made it through. Now, this week, I […]

Menu Planning for April 23, 2017

Whew, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to menu plan.  Before my surgery, I filled the freezer, and for the last 5 weeks, we’ve lived off the freezer stash.  But now we only have three freezer meals left (boo-hoo!!), so it’s time to cook again. This week will be a busy week, and […]

Menu Planning for February 5, 2017

Another busy week, but we enjoyed lots of good food!  My daughter is following a Paleo AIP eating plan for 6 to 8 weeks.  We’re 2 weeks in and both finding it a bit of a challenge.  She misses eating the foods the other kids eat, and she misses carbs like white potatoes and rice. […]

Menu Planning for January 8, 2017

Our freezer is full of good meat, so we had a pretty good week last week food wise.  Next week might be different, though.  One of my kids needs to go on the Paleo AIP diet for six weeks per our doctor’s instructions.  I plan to mostly cook AIP meals for the family because, hello, […]