Menu Planning for May 14, 2017

Last week, I managed to double three of my meals, so I have three meals in the freezer–Sloppy Joes, Hearty Vegetable Soup, and Split Pea Soup.  This week I hope to get at least three more meals in the freezer. Sunday Lunch–Steak, broccoli, rice and quinoa Dinner–Ribs, baked potatoes, cucumbers & salad Monday Lunch–Mini Hot […]

Menu Planning for May 6, 2017

This past week, I was sick with a terrible cold, and then my husband got it.  We only got to make one quick stop at the grocery store, so we ate from the pantry.  I didn’t think there was much left in the pantry for meals, but we made it through. Now, this week, I […]

Menu Planning for April 23, 2017

Whew, it’s been a long time since I’ve had to menu plan.  Before my surgery, I filled the freezer, and for the last 5 weeks, we’ve lived off the freezer stash.  But now we only have three freezer meals left (boo-hoo!!), so it’s time to cook again. This week will be a busy week, and […]

Menu Planning for February 5, 2017

Another busy week, but we enjoyed lots of good food!  My daughter is following a Paleo AIP eating plan for 6 to 8 weeks.  We’re 2 weeks in and both finding it a bit of a challenge.  She misses eating the foods the other kids eat, and she misses carbs like white potatoes and rice. […]

Menu Planning for January 8, 2017

Our freezer is full of good meat, so we had a pretty good week last week food wise.  Next week might be different, though.  One of my kids needs to go on the Paleo AIP diet for six weeks per our doctor’s instructions.  I plan to mostly cook AIP meals for the family because, hello, […]

Menu Planning for January 1, 2017

Woo hoo!  2017 is here.  I can’t believe it, but at the same time, I’m hoping 2017 will be a smoother, easier year than 2016! Here’s what we ate last week: Paleo Shepherd’s Pie Spaghetti with Beef and Jamie Oliver Pasta Sauce Asian Turkey Noodle Soup with Bok Choy This post contains affiliate links.  Thanks […]

Menu Planning for December 25, 2016

One of my goals for 2017 is to improve my time management and organization.  To that end, I’ve been trying to slowly restock the freezer with freezer meals.  Last week, I tried to double many of the recipes I made so I could get some meals in the freezer.  I *think* we now have about […]

Menu Planning for November 19, 2016

Well, I didn’t quite get all of the freezer meals done that I had hoped last week.  All that actually made it into the freezer was two meals of Sloppy Joes and one meal of Slow Cooker Chili Mac. So, my plan, once again, is to get some more meals into the freezer this weekend. […]

Menu Planning for November 12, 2016

You know those times in life when LIFE happens and you can’t do much more but go along with the current and hope for a smooth ride?  You know, when you’re in survival mode?  That’s how we’ve been for the last few weeks, so menu planning fell by the wayside. We managed to continue eating […]

What We Bought and What We Ate, 10/1 – 10/4

I usually end my grocery shopping on Tuesday, making Wednesday (the double ad day), the start of a new grocery shopping week, so this week was short.  Even though it was short, I spent a lot!  More than I intended.  I’ll have to really cut back to make sure we don’t go over $1,000 or […]