What’s For Lunch – A Preschool Lunch

My son has been on a huge peanut butter and jelly kick, so his lunches lately have been rather boring.  Yesterday, when my husband was making lunches, he decided to make a lunch for our two year old.  She was not going to daycare or even leaving the house, but he thought she might like to […]

What’s In Our Lunch: Breakfast for Lunch

My son is a great fan of breakfast for dinner, so when we had leftover French toast from Sunday, we decided to create a breakfast for lunch. In his lunch he had two pieces of French toast (made with Vanilla Almond milk, so they were already sweet without syrup), half of a hard boiled egg […]

What’s In Our Lunch: Homemade Lunchables

Yesterday my husband made a homemade lunchable for my son.  He included sliced apples, a container of peanut butter, 1/2 of a hard boiled egg, crackers by themselves (to dip in the peanut butter) and crackers with cheese slices. My son liked this lunch because he got to eat snack type items for lunch, and […]

What Are Our Kids Eating Decomposition Update

We continue to struggle a bit with out son and his lunch ingredients. We seem to have reached a happy compromise by getting him veggie chips and fruit roll ups from Trader Joes. He has also convinced his dad that he likes simpler lunches. 🙂 Around the web, I found a few interesting articles pertaining […]

What’s In Our Lunch – Thai Noodles with Garlic & Ginger Beef

My husband and I had date night at home the other night.  After the kids went to bed, he went to go get us Thai take out.  He had leftover garlic and ginger beef, so the next day he created this Thai inspired lunch for my son.  He is studying children around the world at […]

What’s In Our Lunch: Lunch Around the World

My son is particiating in a Children Around the World project at school, so my husband thought it would be fun to make him some lunches from around the world. Yesterday he made a Japanese lunch with onigiri, sausage octopi, Japanese rice crackers and peanuts and apples (my husband said they were supposed to look […]

What’s For Lunch: Hawaiian Skewers

My son finished up a Hawaiian theme lesson at school last week, so my husband created this pseudo-Hawaiian lunch. On one skewer is a cubed peanut butter and jelly sandwich, on another is sausage alternating with pineapple, and on the third peanut butter and jelly alternating with pineapple.  On the side is chopped apple and […]

What’s In Our Lunch Today: Hawaiian Sandwich

My son has a two week Hawaii theme at school, so, as part of the pantry challenge, when we cooked up the ham I had bought on sale at Christmas time, my  husband decided to create a Hawaiian sanwich for lunch.  He put lettuce, cheese, ham slices and pineapple.  My son helped him create the sandwich and […]

What’s In Our Lunch: Triple Decker Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich

My husband is on a bit of a pb & j kick lately, and thanks to our 8 month old not sleeping through the night (she used to; I don’t know what happened!), my husband has been on lunch duty.  Yesterday he made a triple decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a layer of […]

What’s In Our Lunch: A Global View of Lunch from National Geographic

This summer National Geographic Magazine had a one page article comparing cafeteria food from three countries (the United States, Russia, and Japan).  I thought it was interesting to compare school lunches from different countries. Photographer Renee Comet and stylist Lisa Cherkasky worked with National Geographic and captured pictures of school cafeteria food.  The pictures show […]