My New Hobby: Watching Depression Era Cooking with Clara Cannucciari

Do you have fond memories of listening to your grandma telling stories of her childhood? I do.  My grandma was born in 1913 and lived through the Great Depression.  That experience changed her, and even into her 80s she was washing aluminum foil to reuse as well as plastic baggies.  She passed away 9 years […]

Freezer Cooking for One or Two

Why didn’t I think of this before?  I love to cook up batches of meals and throw them in the freezer to enjoy later.  It used to be that I would freeze the food in meal size portions for dinner, and inevitably there would be leftovers that I would use for my lunch the next […]

Creating and Implementing a Sack Lunch Chart

Last year toward the end of the year, my son fell into a lunch rut.  He only ate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.  While there is no arguing that peanut butter and jelly is a tasty, fairly nutritious sandwich, eating it every day leaves a bit to be desired. Recently, Kiwi Magazine (one of those […]

Get $12 off Eco Friendly Lunchboxes at Mamasource

Mamasource is offering a voucher for $12 off a $24 purchase on eco friendly lunchboxes from One Small Step.  This cute bento lunchbox is selling for $25 and offers a variety of compartments to hold different foods.  (They also have a super cute version of this for smaller kids with a little face on the […]

What’s In Our Lunch Today – Dreaming of Spring

The calendar shows it is spring, but our weather has been anything but spring-like.  We have been enduring endless rainy days and temps in the 40s and 50s.  I can’t wait for sunshine and warm breezes. So, today’s lunch has a decidedly spring feel to it.  We have Cola BBQ tortilla wraps with lettuce along […]

Earth Day Focus – Reusable Eco Friendly Lunch Bento Boxes

At school, my son has been learning about Earth Day and ways to be friendlier to the planet.  He is asking us to unplug electronics when they are not in use, and he wants to walk to school (which is a good thing, because with the price of gas, we may just be walking the […]

What’s For Lunch – Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

When my son attended his Japanese preschool, he ate a fairly healthy diet. My husband packed him a myriad of healthy foods, and he rarely complained. In first grade, he moved to a different school (Japanese school ends after kindergarten), and suddenly the food revolt began. If it was food that was bad for him, […]

What’s For Lunch Today: Mexican Beef Salad Wrap

Since my son is on an endless peanut butter and jelly kick, I decided to share my husband’s new lunch box creation with you.  He was experimenting with grilling using a steak from our recent beef purchase and ended up creating a new recipe he loves, Mexican Beef Salad Wrap.  It is easy and healthy!  […]

Frugal and Eco Friendly Bento Lunch Box Fruit Cup

We regularly try to trim expenses and avoid unnecessary waste by using our Easy Lunchboxes.  However, recently my son has been asking for those little fruit cups that come individually packaged.  I caved in and bought them once, on sale, for $2!  That was .50 a fruit cup.  Recently we went to Chipotle (taking advantage […]

What’s In Our Lunch Today – The Luck of the Irish

My son has been making and decorating shamrocks in art class, and we have a drawing book for him to learn to make some of the more common Irish items such as a leprechaun, an Irish cottage, etc.  So, for lunch I decided to make him an Irish bento.  We didn’t have much in the […]