Low Cost Online Summer Math Enrichment Programs

Once again this year I have signed my son up for several reading programs, though he doesn’t need much motivation to read.  It is an extra benefit that he gets a free book or another reward for reading. However, math continues to be challenging for him.  While I want him to relax and have fun this summer, […]

Get $12 off Eco Friendly Lunchboxes at Mamasource

Mamasource is offering a voucher for $12 off a $24 purchase on eco friendly lunchboxes from One Small Step.  This cute bento lunchbox is selling for $25 and offers a variety of compartments to hold different foods.  (They also have a super cute version of this for smaller kids with a little face on the […]

7 Reasons Why You Should Start Thinking about Holiday Christmas Gifts Now

It is the beginning of August, and outside you may be faced with 90 degree temperatures.  Why start thinking about Christmas now, 4.5 months ahead of time? If you would like to have a frugal Christmas, now is the perfect time to start laying your plans.  Here are some things you can begin doing to […]

Ways to Save When Back-to-School Shopping

After the long days of summer, many parents look forward to their children’s return to school.  Unfortunately, preparing for the return to school often includes a large financial outlay for back to school supplies and clothes.  However, there are several strategies you can employ to limit how much you have to spend. Back to School […]

Creative, Healthy Lunch Box Ideas

My son went back to school this week. At his old school, hot lunch was not an option; all kids brought their lunches from home. He can get hot lunch at his new school, but for the sake of our pocketbook and his health (my son gets WIRED with sugar), we are only allowing him […]

How I Got My Son’s Uniforms at a Significant Savings

I am used to buying my kid’s clothes at a significant discount (Read how I do it here.) However, this year my son started a private school that requires uniforms. I was shocked at the prices because it has been so long since I had bought kids’ clothes at regular prices! I checked the school’s […]

Back to School Supplies–The Last Report

Ah, I have finished my back to school shopping. Yeah. My only questionable purchase was the Ziplock bags. I could only find the produce type in gallon size, so I am not sure if these will work. His school is very specific about the brand of some items on his school supply list. Here is […]

Code for 10% off Easy Lunch Box Systems

For those of you who entered the Easy Lunch Box System giveaway from EasyLunchBox.com but did not win, if you would like to order one of them, you can use the code GREENIT now through Labor Day to receive 10% off your order. My family loves this system. You can read my full review here.

Back to School Challenge, 8/2/10

As I mentioned last week, I am trying to get all of the items for my son’s first grade school supply list under $15. Until school starts, I will be updating weekly on my success. His school is very specific about the brand of some items on his school supply list. Here is the exact […]

Guest Post – Alternative Sources for Back to School Clothing

You can tell it is back to school time when the Staples commercial that proclaims it’s the most wonderful time of the year where the kids are dreading going back to the classroom and the parents are ecstatic about having the kids back out of the house during the day is airing. Back to school […]