How We’re Paying Cash for Phase One of Our Son’s Braces

So, Bookworm needs braces.  We’ve known this day would come, but we kind of buried our head in the sand and ignored it. However, now that he is almost 11, the time is here.  Yikes! We saw an orthodontist at the beginning of February who recommended a two part treatment. Phase One Phase One will […]

How Much Do You Sacrifice for Your Children?

We have a limited income, but quite a bit of money goes for our kids.  Until just this year, Bookworm had attended private schools all his life, first at a Montessori language school and then at a parochial school.  We briefly also sent Peanut Butter and Jelly Girl to the language school for preschool last […]

Let Your Child Have Fun AND Learn About Money This Summer With Money Confident Kids

Bookworm is starting to earn more for his allowance, and at 9, he’s becoming more aware of saving for what he wants.  For instance, every spring, just a few weeks before the annual book fair, he’s suddenly much more interested in doing chores and finding extra work to earn money. We give him $10 to […]

Our Strawberry Picking Trip and What To Do with 66 Pounds of Strawberries

Last year, we headed down to Mulberry Lane Farm, the only farm in Illinois to offer u-pick organic strawberries and picked and bought 43.5 pounds of strawberries.  While we thought we had bought plenty, we ran out around January (though we did have some jars of jam left).  It was a sad few months without strawberry […]

Our Life Changing Decision: We’re Going to Homeschool Our Children

A few years back when my son was just in first grade, he suffered from a serious incident that happened to him at school.  I’m not at liberty to say what that incident was, but my husband and I were horrified to find out that it had occurred many times before we found out.  When […]

2013 Summer Reading Programs for Kids

  I find it hard to believe, but my son has just 4 short weeks left of school.  If your kids are like mine, they look forward to summer break but also get bored.  Luckily for me, my son is a voracious reader, but I always like to give him added incentive to read even […]

A Simple Sewing Project: Changing Uniform Pants Into Uniform Shorts

For the first time, my son’s school has approved a summer uniform of shorts.  Most parents and students welcomed the change because last spring was so hot, and the old school gets VERY hot inside. Of course, I didn’t want to spend the $24.50 per pair for new uniform shorts, especially when Bookworm has outgrown […]

K5 Learning: Math and Reading Program for Elementary Students – A Review

Bookworm is finishing 3rd grade, and his grades are coming back strong for reading and spelling. However, his math grades, specifically for multiplication, uh-hum, leave much to be desired. Unfortunately, Bookworm seems to take after me.  I always excelled at reading and writing and couldn’t keep my head out of a book. Math, on the […]

A Fun Spring Break Trip: Checking Out the New Farm Where We’ll Get Our Meat CSA

We’ve belonged to our current meat CSA for nearly a year, and unfortunately, since the drought last summer, the quality has decreased while the price has increased.  We are now getting cuts that we don’t mind once in a while like ham hocks and neck bones, but these items come fairly frequently.  Our last CSA […]

Trying a Pinterest Idea: Decorating Easter Eggs with Crayon Shavings

I don’t know if I’m the only one, but neon egg dye kinda freaks me out.  Instead, I went searching on Pinterest for a different way to decorate Easter eggs.  I came across Housing a Forest’s Melted Crayon Easter Eggs and decided it would make a fun craft to do with the kids. I’m not […]