Homeschool Crew Review–Heroes of History: Clara Barton

Cuddle Bug LOVES to be read to.  She would be happy if our homeschool consisted of entirely reading aloud all day long.  For that reason, we’re always on the search for good, educational books, especially about history, which all of my kids love.  We’ve had the chance to review YWAM Publishing before, but those times […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Thin Stix by The Pencil Grip, Inc.

Cuddle Bug and PB & J Girl love being creative.  They are working on books together where PB & J Girl creates the story and Cuddle Bug illustrates.  They continually have paper scattered all over the living room thanks to their creative expression.  They also love to paint.  However, I don’t always have time to […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Homeschool Rescue

If you homeschool, you’ve likely run across the blog, Only Passionate Curiosity.  I am a reader of the blog, so I was excited when I found out that Heather Aliano, creator of Only Passionate Curiosity, has developed a new course for homeschool parents, Homeschool Rescue.  After our rough year including an autism diagnosis and foot […]

Routine: Essential to Our Homeschool

Does your homeschool have a routine?  I know some homeschoolers embrace the flexibility that homeschooling can offer, but others, like our family, need a routine. When we have a routine, the kids complain less.  They know what they need to do and when. Losing Our Routine When we don’t have a routine, they don’t want […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”

It’s no secret around here that we’re huge fans of Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History®.  We love the series so much that I even wrote a post about it.  So, when we found out we could review Drive Thru History® – “The Gospels”, we jumped at the chance.  This is a fascinating series that kept both […]

Extracurriculars–Co-op: TOS 5 Days of Homeschool Blog Hop

If you homeschool, there may come a day when you decide you don’t want to go it alone.  You’d like to join a few other families and learn together in a co-op. We’ve joined three different co-ops during our homeschool tenure thus far, and we’ve learned quite a bit about how co-ops do and don’t […]

Extracurriculars–American Heritage Girls: TOS 5 Days of Homeschool Blog Hop

When we first moved out to Tucson nearly three years ago, a woman in a new homeschool group we joined also happened to be quite involved in American Heritage Girls (AHG).  We thought about having the girls join, but I was worried it would be too much of a time commitment.  This last fall the […]

Extracurriculars–Art for Elementary Children: TOS 5 Days of Homeschool Blog Hop

I’m not an artist. . .at all, but my kids really love art, so I try to find ways to bring art into our days.  We’ve been privileged to have several art reviews, and I’ve also found some good free resources that we really enjoy. This post contains affiliate links. Paid Programs ArtAchieve We’ve had […]

Homeschool Crew Review: Color My Conversation

When we found out our child had autism, one of the recommendations we got was to enroll the child in speech therapy to learn how to have a conversation instead of having a one-sided dialogue, as is typical with our child.  The problem is that insurance does not cover that type of therapy.  We were […]

2017 Homeschool Crew Review 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop

Next week, I’ll be participating in the Homeschool Crew Review’s 2017 5 Days of Homeschooling Blog Hop.  If you homeschool or you’re interested in homeschooling, you can learn about a variety of homeschool topics from blogging, homeschooling parents around the world.  Topics will be as diverse as homeschooling high school, homeschooling girls, homeschooling children with […]