How to Get the Best Deal on Your Home Loan

Are you in the housing market yet?  We are interested in buying a house within the next two or three years, but we have already begun laying the groundwork for getting the best deal we can find.  Here are some steps we are taking: Monitor and improve credit score.  Our credit scores are already strong, […]

Is Your Vision of How It Is Supposed to Be Affecting Your Happiness?

Lately, I have been discontent.  While we are making great strides financially from where we were a year ago at this time, I still feel discontented. I am now firmly in midlife, and I do not have a house.  I used to think I would buy a house in my twenties. Instead, I have three […]

Considerations When Working Overseas or Across State Lines – A Guest Post

“We’re moving to Paris!” my old college friend, Nicole, announced via email. I was in shock. After all, Paris was a good 5,000 miles – as the crow (a very tired crow) flies – from Nicole and her family’s home in Texas. “It’s not permanent,” she went on to say, adding her husband’s job had […]

5 Ways We Plan to Use Our Tax Return To Help Our Bottom Line

My husband and I get a sizeable tax return each year because we have three children and don’t currently have a great income.  (I do look forward to the day when we get a much smaller tax return!)  Since our returns our so sizeable, we are currently analyzing what to do with them.  For this […]

Only Judge Your Financial Progress Against Yourself

The author of one personal finance blog I read paid 100% cash for her house.  Another managed to pay her house off years early; she is 31 and owns her home outright.  Me and my husband?  We are still renting and haven’t yet even earmarked a house fund. I watch Suze Orman every Saturday night.  […]

What Motivates the Money Pushers

If you have ever lost a significant amount of weight, you may know about the food pushers.  Those people who say, “You’re so thin; you have to eat!” or “Just try one bite of this.  One little bite won’t hurt.” Just like the food pushers, there are the money pushers, as I call them.  Do […]

Why We Have Not Purchased A Home–Yet

My husband and I moved to our current apartment 10 years ago. At the time, we naively thought we would be here for one year. Then my husband began his combined M.A./Ph.D. program, and a few years after that, we had our son. The years began to stretch out. My goal was to move closer […]