Easy DIY Tween Devil Halloween Costume

For months, PB & J Girl wanted to be a hula dancer for Halloween.  One of her American Girl books (Kit’s book, I believe), had a drawing of three girls dressed as hula dancers, and that’s what she had her heart set on being.  Then, suddenly, just a few days ago, she decided to go […]

Reusable Halloween Costumes Your Kids Can Wear All Year Long

When my kids were little, I hated paying $20 to $40 for a Halloween costume that would only be used once for a few hours on Halloween nights.  Instead, I tried to find clothes that I could do double duty–act as a Halloween costume on Halloween night, but also be functional, usable clothes that I […]

A Simple Halloween Craft Project: Bean Mosaic Ghosts and Pumpkins

My kids love doing crafts (what kid doesn’t?), so we sat down to make some bean mosaics using beans from the pantry, which made this project free for us.  Yeah for free! I drew a picture of a Jack ‘O Lantern for my son and ghosts for my two girls.  Then, they went to work. […]

6 Ways to Save on Halloween Costumes

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you aren’t carefully, costume expenses can add up quickly.  While it is fun to dress up for Halloween, it is not fun to have to pay a fortune for an outfit your kids will only wear once or a few times while playing dress up.  Here are […]

The Great Pumpkin Is Coming Tonight

Last year we learned about The Great Pumpkin through reading Couponing to Disney, and we let the kids keep 10 pieces of Halloween candy, and the rest was left out for The Great Pumpkin.  In the morning, each of the kids gets a surprise from The Great Pumpkin in exchange. Now that two of our […]

Link Love, 10/29

I found so many good things on the web this week!  Here are a few I particularly liked: If you still don’t have a Halloween costume for you or your kids, check out this segment on Good Morning America.  There are several costumes you can make inexpensively with items you may already own. Over at […]

Kids Can Eat for Free at Several Restaurants This Weekend

Over at my Dining Out Challenge blog, I listed several places kids can eat for free this weekend.  Some require that kids dress in their Halloween costumes, some don’t.  Either way, it is  a great time to go out to eat and save some money.

What’s In Our Lunch Today

I decided to get in the Halloween spirit today and packed my son a hamburger with a Jack ‘O Lantern piece of cheese on a bed of lettuce.   My husband made the hamburgers during our last freezer cooking session.  I thought he was crazy when he added shredded carrot to the hamburger, but you can’t […]

A Fun Meal for Kids or a Halloween Meal

I originally posted this after my daughter’s birthday party last year.  Since I have many new visitors here, I thought I would share this post again as these were great party foods.  My daughter again will have a party near Halloween, so I will share what new treats we come up with after her party. […]

Costume Supercenter Review and Discount Code

The days are going so quickly now that kids are back in school.  Halloween is only 3.5 weeks away!!  If you have not bought a Halloween costume yet, you may want to consider buying your Halloween costumes from Costume Supercenter.  Costume Supercenter can meet all of your Halloween costume needs.  They have costumes for kids and adults.  […]