Going Green to Save Green – A Guest Post

This is a guest post from Eric at Narrow Bridge Finance as part of the Yakezie blog swap. You can see my post on the same topic at Eric’s blog. This week, our topic is “What is your best go green method to save money?” People have many different motivations for “going green.” I think […]

How to Help a Worthwhile Cause When Short on Time and Money- A Guest Post

This guest post is from Marissa at Thirty Six Months. She is a GEN Y PF blogger .  I am a big believer in donating or working with non profits. I find that the needs that they have are never really met with the funding that is provided to them and they rely mostly on […]

Frugal Multi-Cultural 4th of July Party Suggestions

I am over at Beating Broke today writing about frugal party suggestions for the 4th of July.  Here is an excerpt: The 4th of July is just around the corner, and with it, the official launch of summer.  A favorite American pastime, a barbeque party offers you the chance to enjoy the weather and the […]

7 Frugal Date Suggestions (Good If You Are Married or Single)

I am over at Beating Broke today writing about 7 Frugal Date Suggestions.  Here is a preview: Whether you are dating or married, one of the best ways to maintain closeness in your relationship is to have a date night.  However, with the high cost of entertainment, dating can put a serious kink in your […]

I Was Scammed – A Guest Post

Welcome to another edition of Blog Swap a collaborative endeavor by members of the Yakezie Network, the world’s largest network of personal finance and lifestyle blogs. Each blogger writes on the same topic. Today’s question, “If you had one financial do-over, what would it be and why?” After you finish this article, stop by my site, Barbara Friedberg Personal […]

Save Money? Start at Home – A Guest Post

Anyone keen to change spending habits should start at home – and it won’t be long before you see the results! Too many of us are guilty of turning a blind eye to the various methods of saving money around the house, yet we seem to be on the ball when it comes to getting […]

You Can Buy Happiness. . .Here’s How It’s Done – A Guest Post

Happiness is not always defined by how many things you own or what kind of car you drive. Most of the things that can help you stay truly happy are not expensive at all. You can buy happiness if you understand what you enjoy and maximize your pursuit of that enjoyment. You can’t buy happiness […]

What My Grandpa Taught Me about Having Fun – A Guest Post

This is a guest post by Joe at Smart Money Focus.  I have a guest post on his site today, “How My Family Balances Frugality with Fun” as part of a Yakezie blog swap on balancing frugality with fun. I used to get a kick watching my Grandfather cut “rubber bands” out of old inner […]

What Motivates Me to Be Financially Responsible – A Guest Post

This is a guest post by Justin at Money Is the Root.  You can read my guest post on what motivates me financially over here on his blog.  This is part of a Yakezie member blog post swap. Have you ever asked yourself what motivates you to be financially responsible? If you feel that you […]

A Japanese Perspective on the Recent Earthquake and Tsunami

This is a guest post from my husband who is a native of Japan.  His entire family still resides in Japan. As some of you may know, I am from Japan.  I am so thankful that my family was not affected by the earthquake and tsunami.  I am from the western side of Japan (2-3 […]