Goals for 2018: Week 24 of 52

This was a crazy week.  PB & J Girl got a cold, and by Sunday afternoon, she was vomiting.  Yes, I may have the only child in the world who starts a cold with vomiting.  Then, she can’t keep any fluids down, which makes her sicker.  She went over 30 hours vomiting and not keeping […]

Goals for 2018: Week 23 of 52

Here I am. You may have noticed that the blog writing has slowed down significantly the last few months.  That’s simply because of L.I.F.E.  Because I thought I had three healthy, normal kids, and in the last two and a half years, I’ve discovered I have not one but two children with high functioning autism. […]

Goals for 2018: Week 21 of 52

The last two weeks, my husband was home for two days.  The rest of the time he was traveling for work.  He travels only a few times a year, usually for short trips, but this time there were three trips back to back. Anyone who has kids with autism knows that they often don’t do […]

Goals for 2018: Week 18 of 52

I’m finally making some progress on my goals!  Even if it takes me all year to reach all of these goals, at least I will have changed my life in a positive way, and that’s worth it for me. Since I’m crossing one of my goals off the list this week since I consider it […]

Goals for 2018: Week 17 of 52

Before I leap into my goals, I’m planning my summer blog content, and I’d love to know if you find the weekly grocery reports valuable or not?  Please let me know in the comments as well as what other kind of content you’d like to see.  I don’t want to post stuff that isn’t useful […]

Goals for 2018: Week 15 of 52

I’m beginning to think it may take all year to firmly establish these goals.  Life here is, well, crazy and chaotic.  After much observation and thought, my husband and I have decided to get another child tested for high functioning autism.  We’re not sure yet that this child has it, but many of the behaviors […]

Goals for 2018: Week 14 of 52

I’m still struggling with finding me time.  So, I’m not going to add any goals for at least a few weeks, and I’m going to keep working on these goals until they become habit. This post contains affiliate links. Make Time to Relax Read a book a week.   I’m reading Pachinko and really liking it, […]

Goals for 2018: Week 12 of 52

This week, I want to limit my goals and only focus on the most important ones.  I wrote last week about how I need to learn to take care of myself.  That is so important now because I feel like my health is suffering thanks to all of the stress at home.  For this week, […]

Goals for 2018: Week 11 of 52

My brother, Jeff, was 7 years younger than me.  He had cerebral palsy and was wheel chair bound, could talk very little, and could no longer eat but had a feeding tube after he was 12.  But he had a beautiful spirit and an upbeat personality.  For sure, taking care of him took a lot […]

Goals for 2018: Week 10 of 52

I had a better week than usual this week.  It’s starting to get bright out earlier, so I think I should be able to start walking in the mornings, before the household gets going.  Hopefully that will help me achieve my exercise goal more consistently. As a reminder, here are my January goals and my added new […]