Frugal Finds – 9/14

My son and I were grocery shopping on Sunday when I decided to stop by Dress Barn. I found three fall/winter tops there on sale. I bought all three of them for $24; the full price was $23 per shirt, so it was like getting three shirts for the full price of one. I was […]

Frugal Finds – 9/7/10

My cats eat Purina One exclusively, except for the soft food they get in the mornings. I love this brand of cat food, but it can be expensive! Purina One now has 1.2 lb. bags; these were at an introductory price of $2.29 at one of my grocery stores. I paired each bag with a […]

Frugal Finds – 8/31

I was driving home from grocery shopping when I saw a garage sale selling kids’ items. I saw this Noah’s ark play mat, still in its package and had to get it for Delaney. As she is the third child and almost all of her play toys and clothes are hand me downs, she rarely […]

Frugal Finds – 8/24/10

On a tip from Money Saving Mom, I found this Land’s End turtleneck and a green one on clearance for less than $3.00. All told, I paid $6.36 to buy two brand new turtlenecks and have them shipped to me. It is a nice addition to my winter wardrobe. How did you do? Did you […]

Frugal Finds – 8/17/10

We went to visit my mom for nearly a week and a half, and our mini van was so stuffed with kids, cats and our essentials that we did not have room for much baby gear. For 10 days one of us was always carrying or holding Delaney because there was no play pen, bouncy […]

Frugal Finds 8/10/10

I was only able to go to one garage sale, but I found some things I needed. I got a few more outfits for the baby since she is growing so quickly (.50 each) and two ice cube trays (.10 each). Delaney is almost 4 months old which means I will soon start making her […]

Frugal Finds – 8/3/10

I stopped by the grocery store today and found crusted tilapia marked down 50%. I spent $4.50 to buy three packages that fed us all for dinner, and we had leftovers. Who needs to pay for a dinner out at a fish place when we can have this at home? How did you do this […]

Frugal Finds, 7/27

Last week I took advantage of Stockpiling Moms’ suggestion to check K-mart for steep clearance toy discounts. I found 4 toys, two for my son and two for my oldest daughter. The one that I liked the best was this Discovery Kids Glow Star Globe. My son likes geography; his kindergarten graduation project was on […]

Frugal Finds, 7/20/10

My son has a strict dress code to follow at his new school. He is required to wear brown or black dress shoes. I didn’t want to spend much on these shoes because he is all boy at recess and will likely destroy them in short order. Also, he is growing so quickly that if […]

Frugal Finds, 7/13/10

When my son and I were out gathering back to school supplies on Sunday, we stopped by Dress Barn. I was looking for some tee shirts on clearance since I have continued to wear my maternity tee shirts since my daughter was born 3 months ago. As I have lost almost all of the baby […]