Sunk Costs and My eBay Business

I had a free consultation with an accountant a few weeks ago to discuss my blogging and freelance writing gigs.  While there, I also discussed my eBay business, which I plan to close this year. After I had expressed my frustration with the eBay business, both in trying to pay off the residual debt and […]

Okay, Readers, Help a Girl Out: Bread Making Questions

When I found out I couldn’t have dairy, I discovered that it is difficult, but not impossible, to find store bought bread without milk.  Now, I just found out I can’t have soy.  I do believe it is impossible to find ANY grocery store bread that does not have dairy AND soy.  I know I […]

Epiphany: I Am Both The Money Nerd and Spendthrift In Our Family

A perfect storm has lead me to a surprising revelation about myself. First, the perfect storm.  -I am decluttering, and have been for 16 weeks.  I have gotten rid of 850 items, and I venture to say I have at least double that still to go. -Second, I have been reading Your Money or Your […]

Are You Spending Too Much to Try To Save Money?

I cancelled my newspaper subscription a few weeks ago because I am trying to trim our expenses in preparation for the big income cut starting in January and because the only reason I got the paper was for the coupons, which I was not using because, at this point in life, I am not organized […]

An Update on the Insurance Debacle

I wrote two months ago that my employer denied health care coverage to my newborn because I applied 4 days beyond their arbitrary deadline. (Read the full article here.) I was scrambling for about two weeks trying to find insurance for her. It turns out that most insurance companies will not issue an insurance policy […]

Huge Frugal Failure

It pains me to write this. Remember the 9 lbs. of chicken that I bought for $1.68 a pound? Well, on the day that I bought it, it was 90 degrees out and humid. After my big shopping trip, I had to stop by CVS. I was in CVS maybe 15 or 20 minutes. The […]

A Huge Frugal Failure!

Last weekend, my husband decided to take our two oldest kids downtown for some fun. There is a place where they can splash through water, and every weekend there are kids’ activities and a band that plays music for kids. He took our son all the time when he was little. They rode the train […]

My Costly Four Day Mistake

I received a phone call yesterday from the hospital where I delivered telling me they were having trouble processing the bill for my daughter because the insurance company said my baby was not on their list of insured. I immediately called my place of employment and was told I needed to fill out a form […]

My Disaster Meal – Trying to Make Food Like Olive Garden

I like Olive Garden’s minestrone soup and breadsticks, but the last time my husband and I had date night there, the food seemed very salty, and we haven’t been back since. So, when I found recipes on recipezaar for Copycat Olive Garden Minestrone Soup and another for Olive Garden breadsticks, I knew I had to […]