Dinner Is Ready Cookbook & Software OAMC Giveaway!

UPDATE–The winner is Chisum’s Crew [email protected] Congratulations! I have been freezer cooking for several months now, and I have made no secret of the fact that while I love the results, I don’t really enjoy the actual days that I am cooking up all of my meals. However, recently I had the chance to try […]

Cooking Up Veggies in One Batch

I noticed over the last few weeks that veggies were creeping into my weekly food waste more and more often. I would use half a bag of spinach and then would be too busy to cook up the rest so it would go to waste. To combat that problem, I have started cooking my veggies […]

Works for Me–Reusing Freezer Bags

There are many ways to save money, but I read somewhere that the best way to save money is on the little things. Saving $2000 off the sticker price of a car is great, but it is only a one time savings. If you break your gourmet coffee habit and don’t buy coffee out everyday […]

Rotating Freezer Meals for Variety & Easier Freezer Cooking Days

While I have lamented several times that spending a few days making freezer meals is not one of my favorite activities, I absolutely love being able to just pull a meal from the freezer on the rest of the days of the month. To try to make my freezer cooking days easier, I focus on […]

Maximizing Freezer Space for Bulk Cooking

Many of you will probably be joining Money Saving Mom and Life as Mom for freezer cooking this week. For the first time in several months I won’t be freezer cooking with them because of our new arrival. We also still have a fully stocked freezer from the last two months (thankfully!). However, I thought […]

My Favorite Freezer Cooking OAMC Recipe Resources

Many of you may be planning to join Crystal at Money Saving Mom and Jessica at Life as Mom for their upcoming freezer days. I thought I would share a few of my favorite sources for obtaining freezer cooking recipes. My favorite, free, option is Recipezaar. I simply type if OAMC (once a month cooking) […]

What To Do With 10 Pounds of Potatoes

I love potatoes, but we frequently buy 5 lb. bags that go bad. (Unfortunately potatoes entered my food waste repertoire two weeks ago.) Ten pound bags of potatoes were on sale at my grocery store for $1.99, so I really wanted to take advantage of the deal, but I didn’t want to buy them just […]