Freezer Cooking Plan for March, 2017

In preparation for my upcoming foot surgery, I’m making a lot of freezer meals.  I still have about 16 meals in the freezer from my January freezer cooking session, thankfully.  I’ll need to have enough food for lunches and dinners for about a month, which is why I still have to make more. I don’t […]

Paleo AIP Freezer Cooking Session, January 2017

One of my children has been recently diagnosed with irritable bowel.  The doctor recommended that she either go on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet or the Paleo AIP diet for at least 8 weeks.  I researched both, but in the end I decided on the Paleo AIP diet because I’m more familiar with it, and it […]

Freezer Cooking Wrap Up, January 2017

One of my plans to make putting healthy food on the table easier in 2017 is to have a freezer cooking session once a month.  I froze a few meals at the end of December, but I knew I needed to have a big freezer cooking session in January.  So, when grass-fed ground beef went […]

Freezer Cooking Session, January 2017

My mom went home after visiting us for 5 weeks.  I’ll greatly miss both her company and her help around the house!  To try to ease the transition and since Sprout’s had grass-fed beef on sale for $3.99 a pound, I decided I’ll make a slew of beef freezer meals this Sunday and Monday.  (Whenever […]

Freezer Cooking Wrap-Up for October, 2015

I had a freezer cooking session this weekend for the first time in almost a year. I forgot what a pain it can be to cook for three hours.  In fact, I stopped after three hours on Saturday and then did another 1.5 hour bout Monday night.  However, I know I will be SO glad […]

Freezer Cooking Plan for Two Weeks, October 2015

The temperatures are finally dropping a bit, and our schedule has gotten sufficiently busy enough, that it’s finally time for a freezer cooking session.  I’m going to start small, with just a few meals that will probably last us for two weeks with maybe a meal or two leftover. Since I just got my computer […]

April 2013 Freezer Cooking Grocery List & Complete Instructions – Make 30+ Meals! Can Be Dairy Free, Gluten Free

  So many of you have asked for a comprehensive freezer cooking plan–a step-by-step guide to a freezer cooking session, that I decided to create one based on the freezer cooking I did in the beginning of April. If you want to just dabble in freezer cooking and start slowly, this probably isn’t the plan […]

April, 2013 Freezer Cooking OAMC Wrap Up

    Whew.  I was afraid my freezer cooking plan was a bit overly ambitious, and it was, but I’m so glad that I plowed through it.  Even though we’ve used up almost all of our grocery budget for the month (oops!  more on that on Thursday), we are stocked for meals, and we’ll make […]

My April 2013 Freezer Cooking Plan

Last month, freezer cooking was such a success, I decided to have another freezer cooking session this month.  The problem is that so many recipes looked good that I might have gone a wee bit overboard with my plan!  Still, I’ll write them all down here so you can get inspiration, too, if you need […]

Freezer Cooking Wrap Up, March 2013

Once upon a time before food intolerances, I would spend one weekend a month cooking a large batch of food and freezing it for my family to eat during the month.  That habit fell by the wayside, and it’s been a long time since I’ve had a freezer cooking session. However, thanks to a rapidly […]