Freezer Cooking Plan, January, 2018

We are blessed to have my mom here visiting for six weeks.  However, her time here is almost over, and one of my goals before she leaves is to stock the freezer with meals to last us the next two to three (or four) months.  We are finally finished with all the freezer meals I made in September, so it’s time to stock up again.

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Here’s what I’m planning to make over the course of the next week:

Pasta Fagioli Soup (x2)

Spaghetti Bolognese (x4)

Ground Beef Goulash (x3)

Chicken Taco Soup (x2)

Southwestern Spaghetti Pie (x2)

All of the following recipes come from MyFreezEasy:

Sloppy Joes (x3)

Chalupa Salad (x4)

Cornbread Taco Bake (x4) **

Slow Cooker Beef & Black Bean Chili (x4)

Beef & Black Bean Nachos (x2)

Slow Cooker Ham & White Bean Soup (x4)

Paleo Minestrone Soup (x2)

Slow Cooker Spanish Rice (x2)

Vegetarian Split Pea Soup (x2)

Meals for Me

Cabbage and Winter Vegetable Soup 

Juicy Apple Turkey Burgers (x2)

Chicken & Veggie Chili (from MyFreezEasy)

This is quite an ambitious plan, so hopefully I’ll get everything made, but if not, I’ll still have a great start to filling the freezer.

What is your favorite freezer meal recipe?  Please share in the comments!



Baking Freezer Cooking Session, December 19, 2017

As I posted on Instagram, all three of my kids went down this week with the flu.  There was a lot of laying on the couch and watching TV or sleeping.  I took advantage of that time and had a little freezer cooking baking session.  When it was all done, I had made the following:

Overnight Baked Oatmeal (I reduced the brown sugar, replaced it with coconut sugar, and added about 1/3 cup of Enjoy Life chips.  I also baked this in a 9 x 13 pan in the oven, so I added 3/4 cup of rice milk and baked it at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.)

Peanut Butter Chocolate Breakfast Cookies (I subbed out almond butter for the peanut butter and added a little more milk because they looked dry.)

Apple Oatmeal Breakfast Cookies (I only used one large apple.)

Chocolate Cranberry Granola Bars (I reduced the oats by 1 cup.)

So far, my family has sampled everything except the granola bars, and they’ve loved them all.

MyFreezEasy Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale!

Our schedule is so busy that freezer meals are an essential part of our lifestyle.  I’ve been freezer cooking since my girls were young.  I find doing so is even more important now because I’m so busy driving the kids to activities and various therapies.

I serve freezer meals about two to three times a week, and I’m getting ready for another freezer cooking round, hopefully this Thanksgiving weekend.

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One of my favorite resources is MyFreezEasy.  Either choose the meal plan you want to follow (some choices include Gluten Free, Slow Cooker, Clean Eats and All Beef, just to name a few), or pick and choose the recipes you want to make.

You can have the recipes and the full grocery list sent to your e-mail address.  Easy peasy!

Plus, we love MyFreezEasy meals.  My kids’ favorites include Split Pea Soup, Sloppy Joes (of course!), Chalupa Salad, and Cornbread Taco Bake.  Honestly, almost every MyFreezEasy recipe I have tried has been a success.  Each month, MyFreezEasy releases several new recipes, plus the old ones are still available, so the number of available recipes increases with time.

(Read my full review of MyFreezEasy.)

If you’d like to try out MyFreezEasy, this is the time!

From 7 pm Wednesday – 5 am Saturday AND 7 pm Sunday – 5 am Tuesday, you can get some serious savings on a MyFreezEasy membership!

You can get

  • a monthly subscription for $10 (instead of the normal $12),
  • a premium quarterly subscription (billed every 3 months) for $30 instead of $36, and
  • a yearly subscription for $95 instead of $120!

There is no code necessary; the prices are automatically adjusted on the website.

A perfect time to try MyFreezEasy is during the busy holiday season.  Serve one and freeze one for a few nights in a row, and you’ll have several meals in the freezer.  When you have a busy night (and we all know how busy December can be!), you’ll have a healthy, convenient meal to serve.

A MyFreezEasy subscription would also make a great gift!

Have you tried MyFreezEasy before?  If so, which meals did you like best?



Are You Making One and Freezing One with MyFreezEasy?

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Are you joining in with MyFreezEasy to make one, freeze one?  (This post has more details about the make one, freeze one challenge.)

Tonight, we had the Slow Cooker Tex Mex Chili from the Slow Cooker plan.  Everyone in my family loved it, and I have another one in the freezer now for some busy night in the future.

If you’re participating, I’d love to hear what you made tonight and how you like the program so far.

If your week is too busy this week, still sign up.  You can download and save the meal plan of your choice and make the meals during a week when you have more time!

Get Started with Freezer Cooking with MyFreezEasy’s Make One Freeze One Challenge!

After my last freezer cooking session, several people e-mailed me to ask how to get started with freezer cooking.

I remember when I got started with freezer cooking about eight years ago.  The idea of making a lot of meals was overwhelming, and honestly, a whole day making meals for the month can be overwhelming.

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Instead, I often now take an easier route.  I double a recipe and serve one while freezing the other one.  Hands down, my favorite resource currently is MyFreezEasy, mainly because it makes freezer cooking so easy.  Pick your recipes, and you’ll get a list of all of the ingredients you need to purchase as well as directions for making the meals.  Easy peasy.  (See my full MyFreezEasy review here.)

Even better, for a limited time, you can try out MyFreezEasy for free by joining the Make One, Freeze One challenge coming up next week, October 16 – 20th.  (Join now so you have time to get your groceries this weekend!)

MyFreezEasy is offering three of their many plans for free for this week only:


The traditional plan will offer the following recipes:

  • Basil Balsamic Chicken
  • Pepperoni Pizza Pasta Bake
  • Sweet Thai Chili Salmon & Veggies (Foil Packs)
  • Hawaiian Meatloaf
  • Cheesy Ranch Pork Chops

Slow Cooker

All of the recipes in this plan feature chicken and are gluten free:

  • Slow Cooker Tex Mex Chicken Chili
  • Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Nachos
  • Slow Cooker BBQ Chicken Street Tacos
  • Slow Cooker Cream Cheese Chicken
  • Slow Cooker Honey Garlic Chicken

Instant Pot

If you’ve jumped on the Instant Pot bandwagon or just want to have more recipes to use with your Instant Pot, you can’t go wrong with these:

  • Instant Pot Beef and Black Bean Chili
  • Instant Pot Red Wine Beef Roast
  • Instant Pot Salsa Chicken
  • Instant Pot Taco Chicken
  • Instant Pot Tuscan Bean and Ham Soup

If you are curious about the idea of freezer cooking, this challenge is the perfect way to get started.  By the end of the week, you’ll have five meals in the freezer!

If you are a more experienced freezer cooking, this challenge is an excellent way to try out MyFreezEasy!

Let me know if you plan to join next week!  I’m planning to make a few of the meals myself.