How Long Does Food Stay Good – An Infographic from All You

The folks at All You, my favorite magazine for frugal tips and great coupons, recently published a handy infographic to remind you how long food in your freezer, refrigerator and pantry stays good.  Take a look: [Source: Daily Savings from All You]

Food Waste, 6/30

I took a hiatus from posting our food waste. At first, it was a nice break, but then slowly, our food waste started increasing. Since we are focusing on managing our grocery budget, we definitely don’t want to have much food waste. So, I will be starting these posts regularly to try to keep myself […]

Food Waste Challenge

The holidays are a time of excess.  It is easy to go overboard and buy too many foods, snacks and treats.  To combat this, my husband came up with the idea of having a food waste challenge.  From now until January 1st, we will try to waste NO food.  (If you look back on my […]

Food Waste, 11/11

My head hangs in shame.  This is some of the worst food waste I have had since I began tracking my food waste.  I don’t even have a picture for you because, trust me, you don’t want to see it. My husband was digging around the refrigerator when I heard him mumbling about something being disgusting.  […]

Food Waste, 11/4

For food waste this week, we had two items. There was about 1 cup of homemade macaroni and cheese that we made for my daughter’s birthday.  My husband and kids did a good job eating it (because the recipe made a ton), but now that I can no longer eat dairy, the three of them […]

Declutter Challenge, Week 11

This week I was able to get rid of 17 items.  Included were: -9 bags of Knorr sides.  I bought these almost two years ago, and we were slowly eating them even though my family did not like them.  (I got them on sale for nearly free and thought they would be a great, quick […]

Food Waste, 10/28

Our waste this week was one more serving of sloppy joe and some lima beans.  I have not had lima beans by themselves before; I usually have them in a dish.  Perhaps I overcooked them because they were quite mushy and tasteless.  We ate them with our dinner about a week and a half ago […]

Food Waste 10/7

We had no food waste this week!  Yeah.  I do have a big head of Napa cabbage that I am going to have to use up soon.  There is also some celery to use; I am thinking soup and tuna salad.  Food waste since February 1st: 90.78

Food Waste, 9/30/10

No picture today. We wasted two pita bread. I had no intention of wasting these, but they started sprouting mold in just a few days. Perhaps I should have put them in the refrigerator, but then they would have dried out a bit. Total waste = .50 Waste since February 1st = 90.78

Food Waste, 9/23/10

This week we wasted about two servings of homemade baked beans (.80) and 6 fig netwon cookies (.40). The cookies I bought right before I found out I had a dairy intolerance. My husband and daughter tried to eat them up, but it turns out they don’t really like fig cookies. The beans, I don’t […]