Homeschooling and Working from Home: How I Plan to Make It Work

If my husband had a job that paid all of our bills, perhaps I’d focus solely on homeschooling our kids and taking care of the home. . .  but I don’t think so.

Lost Someone You Love? Consider Still Celebrating Their Birthday

My brother, Jeff, had cerebral palsy and was in a wheel chair his entire life.  He had limited speech ability, which he lost as he got older.  In his teen years he had several invasive surgeries including getting a rod in his back because he had scoliosis.  He lost the ability to eat and had […]

2013 Summer Reading Programs for Kids

  I find it hard to believe, but my son has just 4 short weeks left of school.  If your kids are like mine, they look forward to summer break but also get bored.  Luckily for me, my son is a voracious reader, but I always like to give him added incentive to read even […]

How Gazelle Intensity and My Health Issues Are Changing Our Lives

When my husband and I took the long 16 hour drive to Denver, we had a lot of time on our hands, so we listened to Dave Ramsey’s newly revised Financial Peace University.  (If you haven’t entered to win the Financial Peace University kit I am giving away, go here to enter.) On the ride […]

How I Plan to Have a Debt Free, Low Cost Christmas: Enter (and Win) Giveaways

I am on a mission to minimize our Christmas spending so more of our cash can go for debt repayment.  My first strategy is to use Swagbucks to win free gift cards.  Entering sweepstakes and giveaways is my next strategy.  Here is why: There are many hobbies out there that have the potential to make […]

Why You Need Life Insurance

This post is part of the Life Insurance Movement.  To learn more and read other bloggers’ perspective on life insurance, visit Good Financial Cents. My uncle’s friend had decided to discontinue his life insurance; the form, unsigned, was sitting on his bed, when he had a heart attack and died.  Because he hadn’t yet signed […]

How Being Married Changed My Finances – A Guest Post

The following is a guest post from Corey at 20’s Finances. Friends are an important part of everybody’s life. They are there to support, challenge, and hang out with. It was just recently that I have been spending a lot of time with one of my close friends. It’s a friend that is close to […]

Hotel Alternatives for Larger Families: Time Share Rentals

Life seems suited to a family of four. A family of four can fit comfortably in a mid-size sedan and four is the maximum occupancy for a hotel room. Many daily deal site deals are created for the family of four. So what happens when you travel and are a family of five? Last year […]

Do You and Your Spouse See Finances Differently?

Within a marriage, there are many potential financial landmines, so to speak. Two of the biggest ones are: -secretly running up debt and hiding purchases -having vastly different money styles, i.e., one is a saver and one is a spender My husband and I don’t have those two big issues, thankfully, but we do have […]

Low Cost Online Summer Math Enrichment Programs

Once again this year I have signed my son up for several reading programs, though he doesn’t need much motivation to read.  It is an extra benefit that he gets a free book or another reward for reading. However, math continues to be challenging for him.  While I want him to relax and have fun this summer, […]