My Experience as a Virtual Assistant

I was on an extended (16 month) leave of absence after my last child was born, and I knew I wanted to try to make some money from home to supplement my husband’s salary so I wouldn’t need to go back to work full-time.  I began looking for work in January, without much luck.  I […]

How One Family Survived Unemployment – Part Two

This is the second part in a two part series that documents Tim and Catherine’s struggle to survive Tim’s back to back unemployment.  You can read part one here. About two years before Tim lost his first job, they were struggling with making their house payment because they had an adjustable rate mortgage that continued […]

How One Family Survived Unemployment, Part One

This is a two-part series on how Catherine and her husband, Tim, survived Tim’s unemployment. Two Job Losses Back to Back After the birth of their first child, twenty years ago, Catherine gave up her job at a hospital to become a stay-at-home mom while Tim worked as a supervisor at an office furniture store.  […]

I Did It – I Officially Quit My Job

I created Mom’s Plans at the end of March, 2009.  At the time, my second child was 5 months old, I was on maternity leave, and I was on a mission to quit my job to become a stay-at-home mom.  Unfortunately, my husband was unable to graduate with his Ph.D. as we had planned, so […]

Should You Accept a Job Below Your Salary Requirements?

I was over at Free from Broke yesterday with, “Is Being Unemployed Hurting Your Job Prospects?  Why You Should Accept a Job Below Your Salary Requirements.”  Here is an excerpt: Kelly was a lawyer making a six-figure income when she was laid off in April of 2010.  Since then she has worked to make herself […]

The Story of My eBay Debacle Part Two

As I mentioned in Part One, I started selling on eBay as a desperate attempt to bring in enough money online to allow me to quit my job.  I foolish bought more inventory than I could afford because I wanted a successful, profitable business RIGHT NOW!  (Yes, looking back I can see that impatience is […]

Finding Personal and Familial Fulfillment One Cheerio at a Time

I was watching a little boy of about two eating some Cheerios the other day.  He started out eating them one by one.  Then, two by two.  Shortly after, he was trying to grab as many as he could in his chubby hand; when he did that, about half made it to his mouth, and half […]

An Update on the Insurance Debacle

I wrote two months ago that my employer denied health care coverage to my newborn because I applied 4 days beyond their arbitrary deadline. (Read the full article here.) I was scrambling for about two weeks trying to find insurance for her. It turns out that most insurance companies will not issue an insurance policy […]

An Unexpected Financial and Personal Bonus

Back in February, before my daughter was born, my husband and I made the difficult decision that I would give up my income and be a stay at home mom as I have always wanted. My husband is finishing up his dissertation for his Ph.D., so the income he could bring in would be from […]

My Costly Four Day Mistake

I received a phone call yesterday from the hospital where I delivered telling me they were having trouble processing the bill for my daughter because the insurance company said my baby was not on their list of insured. I immediately called my place of employment and was told I needed to fill out a form […]