Best Ways to Make Money from Home

Many Americans dream of making a full time living from home. However, many do not think that doing so is possible for them. We are here to tell you that it is possible to make money from home and today we are discussing some of the best ways to make money from home. Content Writing […]

Homeschooling and Working from Home: How I Plan to Make It Work

If my husband had a job that paid all of our bills, perhaps I’d focus solely on homeschooling our kids and taking care of the home. . .  but I don’t think so.

The Importance of Diversifying When Self-Employed

Diversifying is essential to life.  Don’t stray too far from your clan when having children, and you’ll eventually see multiple genetic problems in your offspring.  The more diverse the gene pool, the better for the health of your children and grandchildren. Diversifying is also essential to your stock portfolio.  The smartest investor is the one […]

How Gazelle Intensity and My Health Issues Are Changing Our Lives

When my husband and I took the long 16 hour drive to Denver, we had a lot of time on our hands, so we listened to Dave Ramsey’s newly revised Financial Peace University.  (If you haven’t entered to win the Financial Peace University kit I am giving away, go here to enter.) On the ride […]

My Computer Died! To Repair or to Buy a New One? Hello, Murphy

This is a picture of my computer.  (Excuse the dirty, toddler finger stained monitor.) The computer is on.  Only nothing happens. Not good. Last week the computer went on the fritz, and we quickly backed up everything.  (Except, duh, when I did all of my work this week, I didn’t back up!) This morning it […]

Considerations When Working Overseas or Across State Lines – A Guest Post

“We’re moving to Paris!” my old college friend, Nicole, announced via email. I was in shock. After all, Paris was a good 5,000 miles – as the crow (a very tired crow) flies – from Nicole and her family’s home in Texas. “It’s not permanent,” she went on to say, adding her husband’s job had […]

On Letting Go and Trusting. . .

Since I quit my day job 8 months ago, I have been incredibly blessed.   I started out with two small little freelance jobs a year ago this month, and miraculously, those jobs have blossomed into another group of jobs, which lead to more connections and other jobs.  Truly, I am so appreciative. I have […]

Earn an Extra $1,000 a Month – The Launch of Grand Per Month

Long-time readers of Mom’s Plans know that I am all about earning extra money, especially if I can earn it working from home. In Pursuit of Extra Income One year ago last January, I was desperate to find a way to make some money working from home.  My leave of absence from having the baby […]

How Do You Behave During Personal Financial Booms?

Recently, when researching my staff writing post about the current job boom in North Dakota, I ran across an interesting article, “I Doubled My Salary in North Dakota.”  The article is about a man who had formerly worked in a factory in Nebraska, but lost his job thanks to the recession.  He took the leap […]

An Interview with a Successful Virtual Assistant

When I mentioned I was doing virtual assistant work, many readers wanted to learn more.  I shared my limited experience in the post, My Experience as a Virtual Assistant, but I really wanted to seek out someone with more experience than I have. Luckily, Lisa Taliga, a virtual assistant and author of 5 Key Steps […]